From 03/13/2013 to 04/11/2013


07:24 PM Revision 351481ed (scoutece): Finished paintboard code except for metal detector
Thomas Mullins


05:34 PM Revision 98a7f961 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
05:33 PM Revision 6d0836d4 (scoutos): Sorted behaviors alphabetically in the generate script.
Lumps together all behaviors (both behaviors/ and test_behaviors/) and sorts them alphabetically by name, ignoring ca... Alex Zirbel
03:00 PM Revision b9e59a3c (scoutos): Compiles.
01:49 PM Revision 5d1c5d81 (scoutos): undid overwrite of maze_solve with maze_solve_simple
Hui Jun Tay


10:53 PM Revision a1219504 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
10:19 PM Revision 4c9fb6ba (scoutos): Update smart_runaround and add old files.


06:57 PM Revision dbbad8ed (scoutos): Added a reset() function to EncodersControl. Untested.
Thomas Mullins
04:56 PM Revision f4a85021 (scoutece): Changed abs() in motor.c to clamp -128 to 127
Thomas Mullins
01:37 PM Revision 1226c007 (scoutece): Added motor and servo code. Both timers are set to phase-correct-PW...


03:24 PM Revision f3bfb5b5 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
03:22 PM Revision 126fea96 (scoutos): Fixed existing doxygen; preparing to add more.
Alex Zirbel
03:01 PM Revision bb64f5e5 (scoutos): Added a ScoutPosition struct with some functions and Changed the odo...
02:56 PM Revision 259aaff8 (scoutos): Flipped front left encoder ticks because its backwards on the scout....
Colony Scout
02:31 PM Bug #2169 (Fixed): FL Encoder Ticks Backward
Colony software has determined that the front left encoder is backward.
This has been fixed in software, but shoul...
Alex Zirbel
01:48 PM Revision 339f64d2 (scoutos): Fixed warnings in libscout behaviors.
Some of these were actually serious errors. Others were little things. Alex Zirbel
01:27 PM Revision 4f83d2b4 (scoutos): Removed Makefile. Needs to be automatically generated using 'cmake .'


05:07 PM Revision 4319e0bc (scoutece): Initial commit of some of the paintboard code
Thomas Mullins


04:34 PM Task #1846 (Fixed): Test 2 BOMS
Clearing out old tasks. Thomas Mullins
04:34 PM Task #1848 (Wontfix): Coverage Testing
Clearing out old tasks. Thomas Mullins


04:03 PM Revision 82590ec3 (scoutos): Changed this so that it runs the generate script automatically.
03:35 PM Revision 4778412a (scoutos): Added the make clean script to the makefile as make superclean.
03:25 PM Revision 4d5b5262 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
03:24 PM Revision 673f8af1 (scoutos): Added messages/services I forgot to add earlier.
Alex Zirbel
03:20 PM Revision 492d2fde (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Colony Scout
03:16 PM Revision beaf9201 (scoutos): Fixes to the Odometery behavior.
Colony Scout
02:44 PM Revision 6ebee82c (scoutos): Moved all messages to the messages/ folder.
This meant changing a lot of includes and things. Alex Zirbel
02:12 PM Revision bda6eaa0 (scoutos): Removed BehaviorList.cpp and h, since they are autogenerated.
Alex Zirbel
02:12 PM Revision 97c5c430 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Colony Scout
02:09 PM Revision bf68fc90 (scoutos): Removed useless NodeHandlePtr.
Alex Zirbel
01:55 PM Revision c33e5aa4 (scoutos): Fixed CW and CCW circle behaviors to turn the right way XD
Alex Zirbel
01:49 PM Revision 4026134b (scoutos): Added Behavior::wait() to spinOnce for a duration.
Also added maze_solve_simple which always turns right. Alex Zirbel
01:48 PM Revision f358d0b2 (scoutos): Tested encoders on scout. Made hacky changes so that it works. Tom n...
Colony Scout


06:38 PM Bug #1806 (Wontfix): Gumstix Memory Change
Jeff Cooper


04:50 PM Revision 4bdd00ba (scoutos): Changed cliff_status_changed to a singe int8 bitmask
Thomas Mullins


05:38 PM Revision 0970d303 (scoutos): Fixed AVR code for new message locations
Also finished and tested cliffsensors. They work. Thomas Mullins

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