From 10/15/2012 to 11/13/2012


09:42 PM Revision e2751853 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
09:40 PM Revision c63c9752 (scoutos): Scoutsim now has consistent units of m and m/s.
This will cause some problems.
* Behaviors which relied on the old units will have to change. We need to change the...
Alex Zirbel
07:46 PM Revision ae475e49 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
07:46 PM Revision 16d4e150 (scoutos): Fixed pause and resume. Kind of. There are lots of bugs with the GUI.
07:15 PM Enhancement #2114 (Wontfix): Make it easier to make new behaviors
Make the makefile check the behaviors/ folder and compile anything it finds there into a behavior. Auto-generate any... Alex Zirbel
07:14 PM Task #2113 (Wontfix): Clean up scoutsim code
There's some poor indentation and such.
Clean that up.
Alex Zirbel
07:13 PM Task #2112 (Fixed): Clean up GUI code
The GUI to create, delete, and pause scouts is some ugly python.
Clean it up.
Alex Zirbel
07:13 PM Task #2111 (Fixed): Make scoutsim debugging tools able to run on any scout.
Currently sonar and teleop debugging only runs on scout1, hardcoded.
Make this be specified in some easy way from ...
Alex Zirbel


06:55 PM Revision 0076084e (scoutos): Fluidified fluid teleop.
Alex Zirbel
06:54 PM Revision d34f8273 (scoutos): Removed the initial default scout spawn.
This should be taken care of by the GUI or launch file somehow. Alex Zirbel
06:53 PM Revision 631b8a4c (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
06:52 PM Revision 594c3bb9 (scoutos): Loads specific images for each scout if they exist
Otherwise, looks in the images folder for scout.png.
Added a few default scouts with numbers, and the xcf files they ...
Alex Zirbel
06:34 PM Revision 9a88eb2e (scoutos): Fixed pause so that it compiles. Also changed behavior gui so that i...


04:45 PM Revision b4cb37e1 (scoutece): Added UCC3911 Lithium-Ion Battery Protector to jabinder.lbr
Also added UCC3911 to schematic with associated perhiperals Julian Binder
03:31 PM Bug #2109: Add Fuel Guage and Protection circuit to charge board for protection instead Julian Binder
03:00 PM Bug #2109: Add Fuel Guage and Protection circuit to charge board
Also need to modify charge circuit to make sure the maximum charge current is 1435mA.
Nominal Cell Voltage is 3.6V a...
Julian Binder
01:39 AM Bug #2109 (Assigned): Add Fuel Guage and Protection circuit to charge board
Protection Circuits Here:
Fuel Gauge Circuit Here:
Julian Binder
02:56 PM Bug #2110 (Assigned): BOM returns values even when IR LED cannot possibly permeate through the ma...
Tested by covering with hand and by enclosing in ESD bag.
Checked with camera to make sure IR LED was not visible.
Julian Binder
12:12 AM Revision b76ae2da (scoutece): Created a new library jabinder.lbr
Added parts for 18650 double battery holder, LT3650 two cell li-ion battery
charger and 2x2 SMT molex headers
Also ma...
Julian Binder


06:11 PM Revision b1fdaaf6 (scoutos): Added toggle for Sonar. Added backsonar indicate
-Sonar can be toggled under Sim -> Sonar
-Front and Back onars now display most recent scan point as a green dot
Hui Jun Tay
02:43 PM Revision 9eb9cc2d (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
02:43 PM Revision 47e26dee (scoutos): BOM testing code in main.cpp works with rosserial
Thomas Mullins
10:45 AM Revision 27f73b95 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Matt Bryant
10:40 AM Revision 4b02e3c0 (scoutos): Added pause behavior to list
Matt Bryant
10:39 AM Revision a107608f (scoutos): Added new behavior to makefile
Matt Bryant


09:51 PM Revision 6e7f0a98 (scoutos): Changed scout_avr's main.cpp to use rosserial
Thomas Mullins
09:49 PM Revision d008df56 (scoutos): Fixed problem with "make clean all" globs failing
Thomas Mullins
09:37 PM Revision c2b64420 (scoutos): Finally automated generation of ros_lib for rosserial!
Thomas Mullins
08:39 PM Revision 399f7d1b (scoutos): Changed sonar/bom timer to 64 prescalar
Also fixed bug in the bom's timer usage, where it depended on an integer
overflow that was no longer occuring due to ...
Thomas Mullins


12:36 PM Revision 887b4a1a (scoutos): Removed bom.cpp, bom.h, get_bom_reading.srv, and query_sonar.srv
Removed them for real this time; not pretend :D Thomas Mullins
12:35 PM Revision b23c6bbb (scoutos): Changed get_bom_reading.srv to bom.msg
Also, removed bom.cpp and bom.h since there won't be a bom node running
on the Gumstix.
Thomas Mullins


05:28 PM Revision 85dff67b (scoutos): Modified to compile.
Julian Binder
04:51 PM Revision a07a0b55 (scoutos): wrote code for the stepper motor. Requires that the caller calls ini...
the time that the function returned by the init function will be called.
then the user must call this function at the...
Julian Binder
10:21 PM Revision 8999628c (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
10:19 PM Revision aadf0a75 (scoutos): Fixed interrupt bug in AVR serial code
Serial read disabled interrupts at the start, and returned before
reenabling them. Also, made a few other changes in ...
Thomas Mullins
10:18 PM Revision fd73d758 (scoutos): Changed range sensor to read on-demand
Thomas Mullins


02:25 PM Task #1886 (Fixed): Spec Out and Buy IMU
Julian Binder
02:25 PM Task #2091 (Fixed): order more scout parts
Julian Binder


01:03 PM Revision 68b23184 (scoutos): Scoutsim: Added Sonar Toggle
Sonar display can now be toggled via Menu->Sim->Sonar viki


03:26 PM Revision cc9ca04e (scoutos): Fixed pins to work with 128rfa1 instead of 2560
Thomas Mullins


03:32 PM Revision 812788aa (scoutos): Moved some sensors to different timers
Most notably, change the ROS millisecond counter to share the BOM 38 kHz
timer instead of having its own. The range s...
Thomas Mullins
09:24 PM Revision 0e77683c (scoutos): Added built-in scoutsim teleop!
Alex Zirbel


07:48 PM Revision 759ac4fc (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
07:48 PM Revision e2770306 (scoutos): Generate a blank image for lines/walls if one doesn't exist.
Alex Zirbel
06:01 PM Revision 43b327cb (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
05:58 PM Revision 6639ce9c (scoutos): Edited Sonar to display points on simulator.
Changed rate of sonar scan to 0.5s
Made a new wxDC graphics object for sonar
04:48 PM Revision 479d25d8 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
04:47 PM Revision 3db79f25 (scoutos): Fixed Odometry behavior so that it now works and then added a get r...
04:37 PM Revision d140fd71 (scoutos): Added Sensors class that abstracts away sensors from behaviors. Stop...
duplicated sensors for each scout. Yuyang
03:49 PM Revision 8a4624e7 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
03:46 PM Revision 8efaf0cc (scoutos): Added race_walls again, whoops.
Alex Zirbel
03:43 PM Revision 3e877fe7 (scoutos): Added a new grid map for testing.
Alex Zirbel
02:57 PM Revision 1d819b33 (scoutos): Updated scout size. Now 1px = 0.5cm.
Alex Zirbel
09:13 PM Task #2091: order more scout parts
Accelerometer and Gyro on backorder...
Considering switching to:
Julian Binder


06:40 PM Revision dfb92d66 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Matt Bryant
06:31 PM Revision 5755691e (scoutos): Added initial GUI for testing, renamed cw and ccw behaviors
Matt Bryant
06:20 PM Revision 71e1154d (scoutos): Sonar works!
Also added new testing files for sonar - maps/racetest*.bmp Alex Zirbel
10:02 PM Revision a2e6bd4c (scoutos): Added sonar, though it looks buggy.
Use sonar_viz to continue debugging and make sonar work! Alex Zirbel


11:44 AM Revision f58d377f (scoutos): Added irq_set_irq_type to encoder driver
Thomas Mullins


03:01 PM Task #2091: order more scout parts
The third thing was the quad encoders ( Thomas Mullins
10:36 PM Task #2091 (Fixed): order more scout parts
Including but not limited to:
- Accelerometer breakout board (
- Gyroscope...
Thomas Mullins
01:15 PM Revision f024710b (scoutos): Added actual reads from hardware to encoder.ko
Not yet tested on Gumstix (especially since I don't think we have the
encoders yet).
Thomas Mullins
11:03 PM Revision 32b36ecc (scoutos): Added sources.list to /etc
Thomas Mullins


06:46 PM Revision 2581167d (scoutos): Added udev rules file for pwm devices
Thomas Mullins
05:29 PM Revision 7e9a19f4 (scoutos): Added flush to motors node so hardware values actually change
Thomas Mullins
05:09 PM Revision a0644b40 (scoutos): Fixed mistake in rc.local
Changed chown to chmod. Thomas Mullins


05:30 PM Revision 0276f557 (scoutos): Added /etc/modules, and changed network setup
Removed /etc/network/interfaces, which blocks until a dhcp server gives
the Gumstix an IP address resulting in a boot...
Thomas Mullins
11:29 AM Revision ed37d345 (scoutos): Finished adding gpio control to motors node
I changed the Motor constructor to take pin numbers instead of file
names, and construct the file names itself. All t...
Thomas Mullins
11:29 AM Revision 8969d535 (scoutos): Changed "download" to "program" in scout_avr Makefile
Thomas Mullins


02:28 PM Revision 83163372 (scoutos): Added kernel module for quad encoders
The kernel module is not finished yet. Also, added various config files
that go on every Gumstix. It would be nice to...
Thomas Mullins

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