From 09/23/2012 to 10/22/2012


03:01 PM Task #2091: order more scout parts
The third thing was the quad encoders ( Thomas Mullins
10:36 PM Task #2091 (Fixed): order more scout parts
Including but not limited to:
- Accelerometer breakout board (
- Gyroscope...
Thomas Mullins
01:15 PM Revision f024710b (scoutos): Added actual reads from hardware to encoder.ko
Not yet tested on Gumstix (especially since I don't think we have the
encoders yet).
Thomas Mullins
11:03 PM Revision 32b36ecc (scoutos): Added sources.list to /etc
Thomas Mullins


06:46 PM Revision 2581167d (scoutos): Added udev rules file for pwm devices
Thomas Mullins
05:29 PM Revision 7e9a19f4 (scoutos): Added flush to motors node so hardware values actually change
Thomas Mullins
05:09 PM Revision a0644b40 (scoutos): Fixed mistake in rc.local
Changed chown to chmod. Thomas Mullins


05:30 PM Revision 0276f557 (scoutos): Added /etc/modules, and changed network setup
Removed /etc/network/interfaces, which blocks until a dhcp server gives
the Gumstix an IP address resulting in a boot...
Thomas Mullins
11:29 AM Revision ed37d345 (scoutos): Finished adding gpio control to motors node
I changed the Motor constructor to take pin numbers instead of file
names, and construct the file names itself. All t...
Thomas Mullins
11:29 AM Revision 8969d535 (scoutos): Changed "download" to "program" in scout_avr Makefile
Thomas Mullins


02:28 PM Revision 83163372 (scoutos): Added kernel module for quad encoders
The kernel module is not finished yet. Also, added various config files
that go on every Gumstix. It would be nice to...
Thomas Mullins


04:41 PM Revision 560d2317 (scoutos): Added forward/backward support to motors node
Thomas Mullins


11:18 AM Revision cc9e9213 (scoutos): Changed motors node to write to pwm device files
Thomas Mullins


11:13 PM Bug #2082 (Fixed): Every behavior is instantiated when any is run
WirelessReceiver is instantiated in Behavior, which every behavior subclasses, meaning it is instantiated 8 times no ... Thomas Mullins
11:12 PM Revision 7ffad595 (scoutos): Added walls to the scoutsim visualizer.
Alex Zirbel
11:12 PM Revision 788df921 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
10:41 PM Revision a8987cda (scoutos): Fixes to WirelessReceiver and wl_test
Changed receive callback to use std::function so we can use std::bind to
pass non-static member functions. There is s...
Thomas Mullins


07:49 PM Revision 9d78b3c3 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
07:10 PM Revision 1d1281cc (scoutos): Broke the build and then fixed it. Now onto testing!
07:00 PM Revision c7edc61c (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
07:00 PM Revision 993bf085 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
06:59 PM Revision 82f3f746 (scoutos): Added wireless handling to scoutsim. Untested.
06:57 PM Revision 2b2cd05f (scoutos): Added a main license file.
Soon, we can remove the annoying licensing info at the top of every file. Alex Zirbel
06:53 PM Revision 23b8119f (scoutos): Just commented out a line of unused code.
Alex Zirbel


04:40 PM Task #1893: Power ROS Node
Tabling until we have hardware to query. Jeff Cooper
04:39 PM Task #1805 (Fixed): Cheaper Gumstix, Check Compatiblity
This is no longer a current issue. Jeff Cooper

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