From 09/13/2012 to 10/12/2012


11:13 PM Bug #2082 (Fixed): Every behavior is instantiated when any is run
WirelessReceiver is instantiated in Behavior, which every behavior subclasses, meaning it is instantiated 8 times no ... Thomas Mullins
11:12 PM Revision 7ffad595 (scoutos): Added walls to the scoutsim visualizer.
Alex Zirbel
11:12 PM Revision 788df921 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
10:41 PM Revision a8987cda (scoutos): Fixes to WirelessReceiver and wl_test
Changed receive callback to use std::function so we can use std::bind to
pass non-static member functions. There is s...
Thomas Mullins


07:49 PM Revision 9d78b3c3 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
07:10 PM Revision 1d1281cc (scoutos): Broke the build and then fixed it. Now onto testing!
07:00 PM Revision c7edc61c (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
07:00 PM Revision 993bf085 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
06:59 PM Revision 82f3f746 (scoutos): Added wireless handling to scoutsim. Untested.
06:57 PM Revision 2b2cd05f (scoutos): Added a main license file.
Soon, we can remove the annoying licensing info at the top of every file. Alex Zirbel
06:53 PM Revision 23b8119f (scoutos): Just commented out a line of unused code.
Alex Zirbel


04:40 PM Task #1893: Power ROS Node
Tabling until we have hardware to query. Jeff Cooper
04:39 PM Task #1805 (Fixed): Cheaper Gumstix, Check Compatiblity
This is no longer a current issue. Jeff Cooper


02:00 PM Task #1993 (Fixed): Design Forklift in Solidworks
Julian Binder
01:58 PM Task #1917 (Fixed): Get Readings from Sonar
Julian Binder

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