From 12/09/2011 to 01/07/2012


09:47 PM Revision dbe4fa43 (scoutos): Added CliffSensorControl to libscout with very basic functionality
that hopefully doesn't break anything.
(Please let me know if I did something wrong!)


05:13 PM Revision 3d642db6 (scoutos): Adding previously missing file sonar_distance.msg
Should have been in previous commits but was not added. Alex Zirbel
05:10 PM Revision 50557e88 (scoutos): Added scout_constants.h to scoutsim
Previously missing file in last commit. Alex Zirbel


12:58 AM Revision 4612f7e4 (scoutos): Fixed the scoutsim node.
Just a couple bugs. All the nodes compile now! You can run "rosmake" from the "scout" directory (compile the whole st... Alex Zirbel
12:14 AM Revision ce559b91 (scoutos): Fixed the encoders node.
Simplified the node to only advertise a single service - a query allows other nodes to find out, simply, the total di... Alex Zirbel
11:44 PM Revision 572adceb (scoutos): Fixed the analog node.
Only a couple small changes were needed here. For the most part, good job Dev - looks like this is set up correctly f... Alex Zirbel
11:33 PM Revision 9b11c5b3 (scoutos): Small tidying up.
Took out unneeded gensrv() in buttons, which caused a compilation warning, and made miniscule style changes to motors... Alex Zirbel
11:32 PM Revision 4069a378 (scoutos): Fixed the usb_serial node so it now compiles.
Moved the previously split send_serial_data and receive_serial_data into a single message. Renamed files to use usb_s... Alex Zirbel
10:27 PM Revision b00761a0 (scoutos): Updated ButtonControl and SonarControl.
Finally, the behavior compiles. Had to fix a lot of problems involving misunderstandings with Publisher/Client/Servic... Alex Zirbel


11:41 PM Revision c492be62 (scoutos): Updated the licensing information in many files.
This is a broken commit because I decided to do this at a bad time. Sorry! The build will be working after next commi... Alex Zirbel


07:18 PM Revision cc558a8d (scoutos): Modified the Behaviors to take a scoutname.
Scoutname now specifies which scout the behavior will affect. Scoutname must be passed to the constructors of each co... Alex Zirbel


05:08 PM Revision 4de6257c (scoutos): Didn't update the CMakeLists in my previous commit.
Removed references to now nonexistant files. Alex Zirbel
03:14 PM Revision c384dc7e (scoutos): Updated the Behavior definition and extensions.
The Behavior.cpp/h class now works and can be extended by simply implementing its run() method. However, the subclass... Alex Zirbel


12:27 AM Revision cef78c70 (scoutos): Created Behavior class and a sample behavior using the class. Not te...
Priyanka Deo


10:34 PM Revision 15b7e607 (scoutos): Chaned libscout sonar code so that it turned sonar on and off when n...
Priyanka Deo


05:01 PM Revision ce8c3190 (scoutos): Integrated SonarControl into the libscout package.
Alex Zirbel
04:49 PM Revision 65c7f52b (scoutos): Created SonarControl files. Not tested and therefore not included in...
Priyanka Deo
04:15 PM Revision 144137a1 (scoutos): Got motor control working with scoutsim
Behaviors can now use the MotorControl class to change the speed of the motors in the simulator. The simulator correc... Alex Zirbel


02:35 AM Task #1724: Money Requisition
Emailed QinetiQ and SkEyes. Will call to follow up on Monday. Alex Zirbel

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