From 11/13/2011 to 12/12/2011


02:35 AM Task #1724: Money Requisition
Emailed QinetiQ and SkEyes. Will call to follow up on Monday. Alex Zirbel


05:16 PM Revision d1cc615c (scoutos): actually removing what I removed
05:10 PM Revision 42e8c915 (scoutos): Rewrote libbuttons to use objects (ButtonControl).
Also removed query_motors (motors node now responsible for publishing changes)
bugfix: removed -lmotors from manifes...


06:27 PM Task #1849 (Fixed): Proximity Test
Tested max distance the signal could still be seen against a number of surfaces. Measurements are attached. The emitt... Thomas Mullins


01:17 AM Revision a8480867 (scoutos): Made a lot of changes to the general structure.
Applied object-orienting techniques to the code, cleaning it up considerably. Major design changes are as follows:
Alex Zirbel


04:50 PM Bug #1892 (Fixed): Create Alarm Clocks
Priyanka Deo
04:49 PM Task #1845 (Fixed): Single BOM Test
Attached are the results Ben and Tom found. Priyanka Deo
10:14 PM Revision 2814387f (scoutos): Updated motors code.
Changed the definitions for the set_motors message, which forced a few
implementation changes as well.
Changed "libs...
Alex Zirbel
08:17 PM Revision f0a9ebb3 (scoutos): Updated the motors class and set_motors message.
Still todo: update the query_motors service, make the util file exported as a library. Alex Zirbel
07:45 PM Revision 6d488cf1 (scoutos): Only added libbuttons files. Adding changes to libscout that make li...
07:29 PM Revision 76a1593f (scoutos): Added buttons to libscout. Compiles!


12:25 AM Revision dec96050 (scoutos): Made libscout compile. Changed behavior.cpp to set motors to the sam...
09:56 PM Revision 73cd5944 (scoutos): Added temporary scout images for turtlesim into the repository. Remo...
09:43 PM Revision 266ae7f2 (scoutos): Added a template scout simulator class.
Scoutsim is modeled directly from turtlesim. At this point, the only changes are in names and indentation. A separate... Alex Zirbel


10:14 PM Revision 3ec16d35 (scoutos): Fixed bugs I saw in headlights code. Fixed object parameter missing ...
Ben Wasserman
08:15 PM Task #1819 (Fixed): Create ROS Node: Headlights
Finished creating node and libheadlights.(cpp/h) in libscout, as well as adding headlights into other parts of libsco... Ben Wasserman
07:50 PM Revision 90c7a37c (scoutos): Added libheadlights.cpp(cpp/h). Also updated constants.h and libscou...
Ben Wasserman


06:40 PM Revision 3d0c1eda (scoutos): Added behavior.cpp to CMakeLists.txt because I forgot to add it before.
Ben Wasserman
06:40 PM Revision 737bb380 (scoutos): Restructured libscout.(cpp/h) so the behavior main runs in a separat...
Ben Wasserman
06:33 PM Task #1862: Control Motors (ARM)
To enable use of PWM on the kernel, we need to use this kernel module:
Alexander Lam
06:15 PM Revision 4589a2a9 (scoutos): Deleted compiler output files that were accidentally included in ana...
Ben Wasserman
05:45 PM Revision a99b48b8 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Dev Gurjar
05:43 PM Revision 8e7baefc (scoutos): cleaned up some files - should be ready to make.
Dev Gurjar
05:40 PM Revision ac0cc6b8 (scoutos): Fixed headlights/src/headlights.cpp to get rid of the compile-time b...
Ben Wasserman


05:08 PM Revision 3d2a17df (scoutos): Deleted obsolete file, fixed small bug in define statement
Dev Gurjar
04:56 PM Revision a826ac0f (scoutos): Added files for analog from motors with modifications
Dev Gurjar
02:28 PM Task #1817: Create ROS Node: Buttons
ROS node structure created, compiles committed. Priyanka Deo
02:27 PM Task #1828: Create ROS Node: Cliffsensors
Node structure created, compiles, and committed Priyanka Deo
12:11 AM Task #1822: Create ROS Node: Accessory
Finished basic skeleton. Need to actually construct functions for height and range etc. Willis Chang

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