From 10/09/2011 to 11/07/2011


03:07 PM Revision 1eab712a (colonymech): Added speaker to front chassis. Modeled Microkopter quadrotor and...
Dan Shope
08:32 AM Revision cec2aa8e (scoutece): Fixed silkscreen ugliness in power board
Went through layout and changed ugly names and values to good ones.
Moved text off of vias and pads and out from unde...
Abraham Levkoy
07:39 AM Revision 7a4f167f (scoutece): Adjusted position of VUSB decoupling cap
Abraham Levkoy
07:22 AM Revision b5b699df (scoutece): Increased widths of several high-current traces
Mostly GND around charging circuit and gas gauge Abraham Levkoy
06:06 AM Revision 2951343e (scoutece): Decreased trace width between gas gauge resistors
Decreased width of trace between 49.9KOhm resistors in gas gauge voltage
divider to reduce noise.
Abraham Levkoy
06:02 AM Revision d2b7d4f7 (scoutece): Widened battery and charger traces
Widened to 20 mils some traces that come from the battery and charger
connectors, because they carry higher currents.
Abraham Levkoy
05:46 AM Revision f01b49cf (scoutece): Added ground poly under charger IC
Added polygon under LT3650 IC and updated it to new device from kwoo
library. It now has effectively both a ground pa...
Abraham Levkoy
05:28 AM Revision 38c9810d (scoutece): Widened traces, moved gas gauge power supply
Widened traces that carry VBATT. Lined up decoupling capacitors for LDOs
with their connected LDO ports. Rerouted var...
Abraham Levkoy
04:29 AM Revision 6328aca1 (scoutece): Rerouted decoupling caps and pullup around AVR
Rerouted decoupling capacitors and new pullup resistor around AVR to
increase trace width for power inputs and decrea...
Abraham Levkoy
03:41 AM Revision 1637ab5d (scoutece): Fixed USB circuit problems
Routed USB_TX and USB_RX more directly. Put decoupling capacitors on FTDI
chips closer to the inputs they decouple.
Abraham Levkoy
08:06 PM Revision 0b2acc15 (scoutece): Changed center ground pad for DS2786 and LT3650
Changed ground pads for packages 10MSOP and 12TDFN to have through-hole
pads on the bottom instead of SMD pads. Updat...
Abraham Levkoy
07:12 PM Revision 1bc70a1f (scoutece): Updated power test schematic
Based on feedback from Kevin, added a pullup resistor to !PWR_INT and
decoupling caps to the LDO providing VCC.
Abraham Levkoy


09:40 AM Revision 0f8a07ab (scoutece): Minimized possible inductive loop in power board
Moved trace driving FAULTLED to minimize area of inductive loop in
vicinity of charger.
Abraham Levkoy
09:21 AM Revision e5134b5f (scoutece): Finished power board routing (first attempt)
Routed all signals on power test board. There are no airwires, and the
board passes DRC. I believe I have kept the in...
Abraham Levkoy
08:33 AM Revision aa7ee9ae (scoutece): Partially routed charger on power test board
Routed some of the signals connected to the charger IC on the power test
Abraham Levkoy
08:07 AM Revision d468084c (scoutece): Routed gas gauge on power board
Routed signals attached to fuel gauge on power board. Abraham Levkoy
03:40 AM Revision 1e62ac51 (scoutece): Started to route LDO signals
Started routing the signals attached to one of the LDOs. Abraham Levkoy
03:10 AM Revision ebfa6fb9 (scoutece): Finished routing AVR and FTDI, started pushbutton
Finished routing signals connected to AVR and FTDI on power test board.
Started routing signals attached to pushbutto...
Abraham Levkoy
01:56 AM Revision 8b6cb5d4 (scoutece): Routed USB circuit and most of AVR on power board
Routed most of the signals connecting the USB port, FTDI chip, and AVR. Abraham Levkoy
10:46 PM Revision 1a5559b0 (scoutece): Changed USB port drill holes back to spec
Looked at mini USB port with Dan. Observed that corner drill holes are
supposed to be multiple drills right next to e...
Abraham Levkoy


07:05 PM Revision 30d533fe (scoutece): Preliminary power board placement complete
Placed all parts on power test board in what I believe will be their
approximate final locations. No routing done yet...
Abraham Levkoy
06:17 PM Revision 9180be39 (scoutece): Partial placement of power board
Placed AVR, FTDI chip, and USB port on power test board, along with
their accessory components. They are probably pre...
Abraham Levkoy
05:29 PM Revision 00c7cdb1 (scoutece): Changed IO voltage for FTDI IC on power board
Changed VCCIO input for FTDI chip on power test board from USB_VCC to
internally generated 3.3V signal. This should h...
Abraham Levkoy
04:00 PM Revision 344a6bf3 (scoutece): Fixed ERC errors from unconnected wires
Some wires created in the previous few commits were not actually
connected to the pins they ended at. I fixed them.
Abraham Levkoy
03:20 PM Revision 13790121 (scoutece): Changed Schematic
Tied USB Shield pin to ground Julian Binder
03:09 PM Revision 168d92e6 (scoutece): Changed Schematic
Added activity LED's to the FT232 chip using the TXLED and RXLED pins Julian Binder
03:00 PM Revision 53d8e950 (scoutece): Changed Schematic Per Kevin Woo's Email
Changed U5 VSS from GND to VBATT_GND
Added GND PIN connection to ISP header
Switched USB_TX and USB_RX pins on the...
Julian Binder
02:39 PM Revision eed7abeb (scoutece): Updated Schematic File
Added missing capacitor between Vin and GND in the charge circuit. Julian Binder
02:14 PM Revision 9b2f29ed (scoutece): Fixed some schematic errors identified by the ERC.
Connected capacitor C12 which apeared connected but was actually
Approved error of VCC being connect t...
Julian Binder


06:39 PM Revision 90591b4b (scoutece): Undo accidental extraction of zipped Gerber files
Restored compressed Gerber files from commit
6bcd5b932bde03c525653653638fddd5251a5705 after they were accidently
Abraham Levkoy
06:10 PM Revision 33c4366f (scoutece): Updated DS2786 footprint in kwoo library
Updated package footprint for DS2786 in kwoo.lbr based on recommended
land placement in datasheet for DFN10 package. ...
Abraham Levkoy
05:09 PM Revision 51b65a87 (scoutece): Increased mini-USB plug drill hole size
Imported MINI-USB- device from Hirose Connectors library into kwoo
library. In UX60-MB-5S8 package, increased drill h...
Abraham Levkoy
03:12 PM Revision fc0c916c (scoutece): Updated inductor package for power board
Created new package and device in library for MPI4040 inductor to be
used in power test board. Updated part on power ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:10 AM Revision 109296da (scoutece): Fixed GND pad on LT3650 charger IC
LT3650 package in kwoo.lbr had a polygon around a through-hole pad to
approximate a large SMD pad connected by a via ...
Abraham Levkoy
02:57 AM Revision 4327ce8c (scoutece): Updated design rules for power board
Updated design rules for power board to match DorkbotPDX specifications.
This removed some of the DRC errors for the ...
Abraham Levkoy
12:42 AM Revision d3af95cc (scoutece): Added new charger and pushbutton controller parts
Added LT3650 and LTC2954 to kwoo.lbr. Kevin sent me an updated library
with these parts previously, but I mistakenly ...
Abraham Levkoy
11:52 PM Revision a7a07a86 (scoutece): Disapproved DRC errors on power board
Disapproved of previously approved DRC errors for power board. They are
apparently legitimate problems that need to b...
Abraham Levkoy
10:32 PM Revision 072e0990 (scoutece): powerboard placed, needs routing
Yuyang Guo


05:28 AM Revision 6bcd5b93 (scoutece): Fixed gas gauge and charging components
Added extra decoupling capacitor between battery voltage and ground next
to charging circuit to allow board to run wi...
Abraham Levkoy
03:34 AM Revision cbe8706d (scoutece): Added missing components around AVR on power board
Added ISP header, pullup resistor for AVR reset line, and decoupling
capacitors for AVR power lines. Connected ISP he...
Abraham Levkoy
02:37 AM Revision cb409f92 (scoutece): Finished USB interface on power board
Added decoupling capacitors to FTDI chip, changed signaling VCC from USB
VCC to AVR VCC so that AVR can signal to FTD...
Abraham Levkoy


07:15 PM Revision 8c16f5aa (scoutece): Started to add USB port to power board
Added USB port and USB-UART converter to power board schematic. I think
the converter has enough hooked up to it to r...
Abraham Levkoy
06:25 PM Revision 14736c0c (scoutos): Updated motors.cpp and motors.h with small stylistic changes.
Ben Wasserman
06:23 PM Revision 7cb5de78 (scoutos): Updated encoder node code with preliminary driver functionality.
Renamed encoder_state.msg to encoders_state.msg.
Added functions to encoders.cpp to send message of current encoder s...
Ben Wasserman
05:10 AM Revision 107d33d7 (scoutece): Shorted GND to BATT_GND in power schematic
Connected GND and BATT_GND to eachother using a 0 Ohm resistor. I want
to keep the signals separate to ease routing, ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:35 AM Revision 9f7d5c6f (scoutece): Fixed ERC errors
Added some missing junctions and a missing label. Approved "no value"
warnings for parts for which a value would be n...
Abraham Levkoy
03:24 AM Revision f6a93a04 (scoutece): Started making kwoo's recommended changes
Made changes to charging circuit: Connected CLP to VIN on U1. Added
diodes to charge BOOST capacitor from battery and...
Abraham Levkoy


03:13 AM Revision aa3e7f85 (scoutece): Update prefixes and names for two parts
Updated prefixes for DS2786 and MP1702 in kwoo.lbr to U so that Eagle
won't use the default prefix, U$, for them. Als...
Abraham Levkoy


05:03 AM Revision 680676e5 (scoutece): Added pullup resistors and an LED to power test
Added pullup resistors for I2C connections to power test board. Also
added a diagnostic LED to indicate when the AVR ...
Abraham Levkoy
04:20 AM Revision 0d19b5ca (scoutece): First draft of power testing circuit schematic
Fleshed out power testing circuit. It is still missing a few things, and
I don't understand every little bit of it, b...
Abraham Levkoy
11:59 PM Revision 94e948f2 (scoutece): Updated charging test circuit from kwoo library
Ran update command in charging_test.sch to update parts from kwoo.lbr. Abraham Levkoy
10:27 PM Revision acbd1e46 (scoutece): Updated kwoo.lbr with previous kwoo changes
A few months ago, Kevin sent me a new version of kwoo.lbr. Updated
kwoo.lbr with these changes (using the Eagle updat...
Abraham Levkoy
09:10 PM Revision 5a7bbf4c (scoutece): fixing last 13 angle problem in drc
don't really know how to fix the last one.
worked on right bottom on both top layer and bottom layer
Yuyang Guo


11:44 PM Revision 3ef02dd3 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
11:35 PM Revision 85538662 (scoutos): Updated the sonar module prototype.
The biggest change to the proposed node is a restructuring of the sonar code style. Two services (sonar_toggle and so... Alex Zirbel
09:23 PM Revision 14241f84 (scoutos): Added Encoders and USB/Serial ROS nodes. Some of the functions in the
src/<node>.cpp files are not fully functional yet. Lalitha Ganesan


05:19 PM Revision 04f50f8a (scoutos): Added buttons and cliffsensor ROS nodes. Everything except for src/<...


10:19 AM Revision a433b5ff (scoutece): solving some angle problems on scoutflu board
Yuyang Guo
12:47 AM Revision f88e5dea (colonymech): Updated EZ4 Sonar model with correct dimensions. Updated sonar mo...
Dan Shope


05:32 PM Revision cf5c3070 (scoutece): Fixed some of the paths which are at unusual angles
Thomas Mullins
05:03 PM Revision ca0c1be9 (scoutece): fixing some of the angle problems in scoutfly.sch
Yuyang Guo
04:18 PM Revision 0f971c62 (scoutece): Revert "Test commit"
This reverts commit d2d61ecc68a436f01f7f85756ca0709399543268.
Test revert for demonstration purposes.
Yuyang Guo
04:16 PM Revision d2d61ecc (scoutece): Test commit
Created a new file for demonstration purposes. Yuyang Guo
03:59 PM Revision fd69f43f (colonymech): Updated 3D print files.
Dan Shope
03:50 PM Revision 247821b9 (colonymech): Added locating features with mounting bosses to front chassis for...
Dan Shope
03:15 PM Revision ba5424d7 (colonymech): Added locking feature to front sidewalls for tigher assembled fit...
Dan Shope


09:19 PM Revision c9f87aaf (scoutos): Added code inside motors.cpp to set and read individual speeds in di...
Ben Wasserman
08:48 PM Revision b19958dc (colonymech): Added hood latch. Updated rear cover.
Dan Shope
08:04 PM Revision 7cc78724 (scoutos): Merge ssh://
Ben Wasserman
08:03 PM Revision a5043132 (scoutos): Revert "fixed 2009 to 2011 in date"
I don't care about this, I'll fix it later.
This reverts commit 266c675837021b50b9c38d45ba9fdee4ffc35a54.
Ben Wasserman


07:54 PM Revision 266c6758 (scoutos): fixed 2009 to 2011 in date
Ben Wasserman
02:03 PM Revision 781890a0 (colonymech): Updated website structure, navigation, and graphics.
Dan Shope


06:42 PM Revision ad0e9d48 (scoutos): Added a new Doxygen generator file.
To generate a "docs" folder containing all autogenerated Doxygen files,
install doxygen, then run "doxygen Doxyfile" ...
Alex Zirbel
06:39 PM Revision 18e2028b (scoutos): Updated motors.cpp and motors.h to comply with coding standards and ...
Changed the module comments so motors are properly labeled as a the motor module.
Chaned indentation to four spaces.
Alex Zirbel


12:37 PM Revision bc5f1122 (colonymech): Added mounting bosses for rear cliff sensors
Dan Shope
12:25 PM Revision 8153d9cc (colonymech): Completed mechanical backlog on new rear chassis. Added renders f...
Dan Shope


12:02 AM Revision a01d59ea (colonymech): Organized wagon renders. Added 18x24in SCOUT REV5 poster.
Dan Shope


11:24 AM Revision 126146b7 (colonymech): Added WebsiteSlider graphics and custom google apps logo.
Dan Shope


03:18 PM Revision 00842750 (scoutos): Edited manifest.xml and mainpage.dox to have better descriptions.
Ben Wasserman
02:05 PM Revision 5a69879a (colonymech): Updated BOM sketch block for 5mm diameter hardware. Added signpos...
Dan Shope
01:45 PM Revision 36d4e296 (colonymech): Updated website with shopping cart and pricing page. Updated CAD ...
Dan Shope
01:17 AM Revision 7ba378cb (colonymech): Added cliff sensor mounts.
Dan Shope


05:31 AM Revision 056305bf (colonymech): Updated hood details (aesthetic button cutout, latching mechanism...
Dan Shope

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