From 09/11/2011 to 10/10/2011


04:02 PM Enhancement #1799 (Fixed): Setup
We have a Google Apps domain setup for ColonyScout - this has our docs, mail, etc.
Support@ has been added to this...
Dan Shope
02:52 PM Enhancement #1530: Create roboclub demo
Bumped for Oct 23 Pittsburgh Maker Faire Dan Shope
12:00 PM Task #1801 (Fixed): Call Freeman Supply about Color Mixing
Called Tech Support this morning - No degradation of performance or shelf life (as long as using Freeman or Huntsman ... Dan Shope


03:07 PM Task #1791 (Fixed): Fastener Purchasing
Reimbursement received. Dan Shope
03:05 PM Task #1801 (Fixed): Call Freeman Supply about Color Mixing
Find out if it is safe (no degradation of shelf life/performance) to store Urethanes with premixed (liquid) colors. W... Dan Shope
03:01 PM Task #1800 (Assigned): Research PCB Assemby Costing
Max B has worked with EPD ( outside of Pittsburgh - slow turn, high volume. Dan Shope
03:01 PM Enhancement #1799 (Fixed): Setup
For email based support - forward to - this ties into our Assistly customer support help desk. Dan Shope
04:54 AM Task #1789: Test Cliff Sensors
Also, it makes sense that it works poorly at the angled orientation - the surface roughness has to be > wavelength in... Dan Shope
04:51 AM Task #1789: Test Cliff Sensors
Great work!
We should still look at the signal (scope or log via microcontroller) lines to see what the transient ...
Dan Shope
03:57 AM Task #1798 (Assigned): Mechanical Work Log
* Create undercut latch for hood (center, recess on front lip)
* Increase height of hood scoop (aesthetic)
* Model ...
Dan Shope


12:49 AM Task #1789: Test Cliff Sensors
Preliminary Test Results:
Test Rig:
Power: Colony 5xNi-MH battery pack (charged, or at least above 6v for entire te...
Alexander Lam
10:53 PM Task #1789: Test Cliff Sensors
Test various speeds
* Slow - 5 in/sec
* Medium - 15 in/sec
* Fast - >25 in/sec
Dan Shope
11:34 PM Enhancement #1797 (Assigned): Design SmartFly Smart Acessory Reference Board
Based on Arduino Pro Mini (schematic) - see Dan Shope
11:01 PM Enhancement #1796 (Assigned): Audio Command & Output Accessory
Microphone + Speaker output, possible use a speech generation chip and/or voice recognition chip OR load software ont... Dan Shope
10:59 PM Task #1724: Money Requisition
Looking for >$4000 for development (prototyping and manufacturing) of 5-10 robot kits for internal use in the Robotic... Dan Shope
10:51 PM Task #1793 (Fixed): Create mockup for Cliff Sensor Testing
Dan Shope


01:38 PM Task #1777: Parts Order for Fall Prototype Testing
Sent order to Robbie. Waiting on parts. Priyanka Deo
04:57 AM Task #1793 (Fixed): Create mockup for Cliff Sensor Testing
Build a mock Scout (or provide dimensions to MechE team) that holds (3) cliff sensors for testing. Dan Shope
04:52 AM Task #1792 (Assigned): Electronics Purchasing, OCT-08
QTY 12 - Power Switch -
Dan Shope
04:48 AM Task #1791 (Fixed): Fastener Purchasing
File for reimbursement:
QTY 2 - 100pk 1/4" Threading Screws -
QTY 1 - 50...
Dan Shope


02:01 AM Task #1789 (Fixed): Test Cliff Sensors
Option 1:
Wire cliff sensors directly to LEDs, move across different surfaces and record behavior (false positives, ...
Dan Shope


03:43 PM Task #1431 (Wontfix): Spec front air filter foam
Dan Shope
03:43 PM Task #1480 (Wontfix): Find red Powder Coating
Dan Shope
03:43 PM Enhancement #1485 (Fixed): Viability of switching Gyros (larger range, faster, cheaper, smaller)
Dan Shope
03:43 PM Task #1514 (Wontfix): Powdercoating from Electro-kote
Dan Shope


02:53 PM Task #1777: Parts Order for Fall Prototype Testing
Three vendors - SparkFun, Newark, and Pololu - please group by vendor before sending on to Treasurer/Peggy.
I've o...
Dan Shope
02:44 PM Task #1777 (Fixed): Parts Order for Fall Prototype Testing
For testing IR BOM
Dan Shope


04:44 AM Task #1727: Update Boards on Eagle
Reversed FFC connector and switched to new gyroscope part. Still need to prototype new power regulator circuit and th... Abraham Levkoy

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