From 08/31/2011 to 09/29/2011


10:13 PM Revision b68f4fd7 (scoutece): Finished hooking up new gyroscope.
Connected pitch output of gyroscope to AVR and gave pitch an output LPF.
Added optional HPFs to both pitch and yaw ou...
Abraham Levkoy


12:19 AM Revision 7de130c2 (colonymech): Updated buttons for 2 rocking positions
Dan Shope
11:17 PM Revision 928e9487 (colonymech): Added button capture to hood button.
Dan Shope


04:04 PM Revision c406f16b (scoutos): Created first version of git repository; added libscout and motors p...
The repository root is the ros directory, which contains the ROS stack for the scout project.
The included files are ...


04:44 AM Task #1727: Update Boards on Eagle
Reversed FFC connector and switched to new gyroscope part. Still need to prototype new power regulator circuit and th... Abraham Levkoy
04:39 AM Revision 0075932e (scoutece): Routed new gyroscope.
Routed new gyroscope on board in Eagle. Abraham Levkoy
03:53 AM Revision 64958645 (scoutece): Swapped gyroscope part in schematic.
Replaced old gyroscope part with new one in schematic. Assuming that
pitch output or amplified outputs are undesired....
Abraham Levkoy


05:30 AM Revision d4a38876 (scoutece): Added Eagle part for new gyroscope.
Created symbol for new gyroscope (LPY5150AL). This part is sold by
Sparkfun but not in the Sparkfun Eagle library. An...
Abraham Levkoy


11:06 PM Revision 5dbaecb0 (scoutece): Flipped FFC connector on PCB.
Flipped FFC connector (part J3) on Scoutfly so that mating side faces
out from edge of board. Rerouted wires connecti...
Abraham Levkoy

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