From 11/06/2010 to 12/05/2010


02:15 AM Task #1587: NanoRK Wireless Library
Sample test code for the basic_rf library
Dan Shope


03:13 AM Task #1588 (Assigned): Loook @ Robostix AVR<->ARM Comms Implementation
Robostix (gumstix verdex + AVR) has a comms solution between two procs, bneuman recommends we check it out. Dan Shope
03:02 AM Task #1587 (Assigned): NanoRK Wireless Library
Max Buevich wrote the library, and it is open source. He is available for consult, and says he is better than the AVR... Dan Shope


08:34 AM Bug #1517 (Fixed): Lower tolerance on baseplates
Dan Shope
08:34 AM Bug #1548 (Duplicate): Fix Encoder pinout on breakfly
Dan Shope
08:19 AM Bug #1585 (Fixed): Fix DS2786 Footprint
Currently pads are too far apart (top and bottom sides of the IC). Should be a 3x3mm package, currently modeled as a ... Dan Shope


09:02 PM Revision f5456e68 (colonymech): Modified Back Plate: Two piece design, added holes
Alex Munoz


05:16 PM Task #1561 (Fixed): Email Gumstix about donation
Response from Gumstix (in short, request denied):
Hi Christopher
Thanks for writing. As you may imagine, Gumsti...
Chris Mar
02:16 PM Task #1561: Email Gumstix about donation
Sent @ 2:15pm Monday 11/8. Will update when I hear back. Chris Mar

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