From 08/28/2010 to 09/26/2010


10:01 PM Revision 2dc2cb18 (colonymech): Added routing for FFC, Adjusted front side panel cutout aesthetic...
Dan Shope


07:38 PM Revision f7a00d18 (scoutece): redid traces for front screw holes to avoid antenna. moved battery ...
Chris Mar
05:51 PM Revision 63a38060 (scoutece): 4 Layer, 6mil trace/width, 15mil drill minimum drc file
Kevin Woo
04:29 PM Revision 6f1fca09 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Chris Mar
04:28 PM Revision 0128ce26 (scoutece): added grounded srew holes to scoutfly. for review by kwoo.
Chris Mar
03:52 PM Bug #1442: Scoutfly - Add Grounded Screw Holes
(150, 3350) (4350,3350)
(150,150) (4350,150)
Chris Mar
03:12 PM Bug #1442 (Fixed): Scoutfly - Add Grounded Screw Holes
Add vias connected to ground
- .116 drill hole
- .179 pad diameter
- .250 diameter clearance for ring terminal
Chris Mar
03:20 PM Bug #1443 (Fixed): Investigate non-RA JST Headers
What kind of footprint for vertical JST headers on right side of board? Chris Mar
03:10 PM Bug #1441 (Fixed): Scoutfly - Change resistor and capacitor values for BOM detector
Resistors: 100 ohm
Capacitors: 0.1 uF
Chris Mar
03:08 PM Bug #1440 (Fixed): value change R8 and R9 on Scoutfly
Chris Mar
02:30 PM Bug #1440 (Fixed): value change R8 and R9 on Scoutfly
currently is 481ohms
we are sourcing 487ohm parts instead, so update values to reflect this change.
Dan Shope
05:04 AM Revision 0dbdf2f6 (colonymech): Detailed Scoutfly board. Remade wheel file for rendering
Dan Shope
10:26 PM Revision 7fda2a22 (colonymech): Integrated front and side BOM sensors
Dan Shope
08:13 PM Revision d6c139ef (colonymech): Added front BOM using TSOP4838 and TSAL6200 sensors.
Dan Shope


02:04 PM Revision a97a8df0 (colonymech): Added rear bushing and created retaining barrier for charging con...
Dan Shope
01:21 PM Task #974: Accessory Ball Bearing
Flange on bottom of chassis, extending up into a press-fit ...
Dan Shope
05:42 AM Revision 75171b71 (colonymech): Created Breakfly model and selected accessory header
Dan Shope
09:40 PM Bug #1435 (Fixed): update scouthw git repo with your library <EOM>
Why do you need <EOM> on a ticket name....unnecessary...
Latest pushed.
Kevin Woo
09:39 PM Revision 4ce7e37d (scoutece): Latest version of the library containing most of the scout parts
Kevin Woo


01:03 PM Task #1425 (Fixed): Find new battery supplier
Dan Shope
01:02 PM Bug #1435 (Fixed): update scouthw git repo with your library <EOM>
Dan Shope
12:58 PM Revision bd96ce91 (colonymech): Prepped files for 3D printing. Added homing switch to stepper cover.
Dan Shope


06:07 PM Revision 7fda8756 (colonymech): Added supports for front hood and circuit board mounting.
Dan Shope
04:38 AM Revision be6126b8 (colonymech): Updated stepper cover. Fixed interferences in sonar cover
04:00 AM Revision a3525daa (colonymech): Added stepper homing cover. 1 sheet metal version, 1 plastic vers...


04:59 PM Revision 3a90bae3 (colonymech): Added cover for sonar boards
01:58 AM Revision 94564c47 (colonymech): Added Archives and Accessories. Updated rear chassis
12:49 AM Revision 506bf0d9 (colonymech): Initial commit of SolidWorks CAD model
09:25 PM Task #1425: Find new battery supplier
Looking for 1.35" x 1.35" x 2.5" battery. We can accommodate a longer battery (up to 4.5" long) or a shorter battery ... Dan Shope
09:22 PM Task #1425: Find new battery supplier
Closest to cost is: ($22.95 vs the old battery cost of $19.95). Note the spec is now only 3.0Ah, instead of 4.0Ah
Dan Shope
09:16 PM Task #818 (Fixed): Battery Testing
Dan Shope
09:15 PM Task #1431 (Wontfix): Spec front air filter foam
Front side panels are covered (inside) with open cell foam (gray/black). Find a thin foam suitable for some dust prot... Dan Shope
09:13 PM Task #844 (Wontfix): Bootloader
Dan Shope
09:13 PM Bug #1096: Orb Reflectors
Attach to inside of hood Dan Shope
09:13 PM Task #1098 (Wontfix): ask aaron and cornell about arm stuff
Dan Shope
09:13 PM Task #1381 (Fixed): acquire ATMega 128RFA1 chips
Dan Shope


01:19 AM Task #1425: Find new battery supplier
Emailed about making a custom pack for us: NO DICE
Hi Dan,
Thanks for the inquiry.
The ba...
Dan Shope


02:19 PM Task #1425 (Fixed): Find new battery supplier no longer offers the Scout battery, and all comparable products are nearly 2x in price
Dan Shope


01:47 AM Bug #1385 (Fixed): Scoutfly mounting holes to ground plane
from kwoo:
"Just swap out the part in the schematic and put them in the right place on the layout
you need to make ...
Dan Shope

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