From 06/30/2010 to 07/29/2010


07:19 PM Task #1086 (Invalid): Design debug board
No longer needed. The gumstix can handle debugging on its own. We can also use FTDI breakout board for the debug now. Kevin Woo
07:18 PM Task #1018 (Fixed): Test motor backdrive
Initial tests show spikes of upto 7-10V which is within the maximum range of the voltage regulators to handle. We sup... Kevin Woo
07:17 PM Bug #990 (Invalid): TVS diode on motors
Motor drivers include these diodes already. Furthermore, the backdrive that we were experiencing differs now because ... Kevin Woo
07:15 PM Bug #1088 (Invalid): Switch motor power from VCC to VBatt
It has been decided to do this check in software for more versatility should the programmers want to run off the char... Kevin Woo
07:15 PM Task #1328 (Wontfix): Remove extraneous features from Scout
Changed to gumstix and removed all extraneous hardware Kevin Woo
07:13 PM Task #1328: Remove extraneous features from Scout
Changed to Gumstix and eliminated tons of hardware. Much simpler board now. Kevin Woo
07:14 PM Enhancement #1016 (Wontfix): ESD Protection
Lack of room / budget /time. Pins however are more protected anyway since they are either on the FFC which is enclose... Kevin Woo
07:13 PM Task #1341 (Fixed): Level shifter for motor control/pwm signals
Almost everything goes through a level shifter now Kevin Woo
07:12 PM Enhancement #1017 (Wontfix): Separate grounds
Our analog sections aren't so sensitive to warrant the extra work for this Kevin Woo


12:21 AM Revision 305fe76c (scoutece): AVR and BOM layout completed.
Kevin Woo


12:09 PM Revision d326a8bd (scoutece): Gumstix layout mostly complete, AVR layout started. Some additional...
Kevin Woo


09:32 PM Revision fe1fe494 (scoutece): Removed USB power since it would not work, simplified power area, r...
Kevin Woo


06:07 PM Revision 75ded4fb (scoutece): Removed extraneous pullups from stepper controller
Kevin Woo
05:59 PM Revision 7e65c00d (scoutece): Fixed some pull up/down bugs
Kevin Woo
12:09 AM Revision cffb0116 (scoutece): Started layout on scoutfly, updated schematic to use gumstix
Kevin Woo

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