From 01/23/2010 to 02/21/2010


08:46 PM Task #1117 (Assigned): Reflow Oven Temperature Regulation
Find way to accurately measure oven temperature (IR and Dial does not work, underestimates)
Get standalone tempera...
Dan Shope


05:30 PM Revision de27a450 (scoutece): These are the CAM jobs and the design rules used
Kevin Woo


02:31 PM Revision 761bbe01 (scoutece): minor fixes
Chris Mar
10:48 AM Revision 5f5a9a6c (scoutece): fixed some vias and traces, ready for CAM
Chris Mar
02:01 AM Revision 05b54ca6 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Kevin Woo
02:01 AM Revision 3b9c64d0 (scoutece): Completed flyswatter schematic.
Kevin Woo


11:55 PM Bug #1095 (Fixed): ColonyScout Mail Server
Dan Shope
11:21 PM Revision dbdb1adf (scoutece): moved bom to bomboard/bomfly, added silk
Chris Mar


04:17 PM Task #1097 (Fixed): Email Steve about bootstrapping ARM
Steve doesn't know anything about it. He referred me to someone at iRobot but I never met him so that might not be a ... Kevin Woo
10:16 PM Task #1097: Email Steve about bootstrapping ARM
Emailed Steve, awaiting reply Kevin Woo
08:19 PM Task #1097 (Fixed): Email Steve about bootstrapping ARM
Rich Hong
04:16 PM Task #1102 (Fixed): Make JST 2,3,4 pin connector footprints
Added all 3 of them. Pushed to the latest copy of the library. Kevin Woo
03:22 PM Task #1102 (Fixed): Make JST 2,3,4 pin connector footprints
ZH type Kevin Woo
04:14 PM Revision 4aeae529 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Kevin Woo
04:14 PM Revision 547dfc28 (scoutece): Added flyswatter schematic. Almost done.
Kevin Woo
04:13 PM Revision 38e96f45 (scoutece): Added 2,3,4 pin JST headers, fixed the RA 5 pin JST header
Kevin Woo
03:21 PM Task #1100 (Fixed): Spec 2, 3 and 4 pin JST ZH connectors
Added to the electrical BOM. Quantities still TBD. Need to make the footprints Kevin Woo
09:56 PM Task #1100 (Fixed): Spec 2, 3 and 4 pin JST ZH connectors
Straight up ones, smt and the housings Kevin Woo
11:58 PM Revision 1329f4a9 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
11:57 PM Revision 00115692 (scoutece): Added the new breakfly schematic.
11:53 PM Revision eaf1e9e5 (scoutece): finished diode traces, made board smaller (2x1 in exact)
Chris Mar
10:57 PM Revision 10068f4a (scoutece): about to add diodes for voltage drop before emitters
Chris Mar
09:59 PM Bug #1101 (Fixed): Add JST connectors to the bottom side for the front sensors
2 x 4 pin (5V, GND, encoder+, encoder-)
1 x 3 pin (5V, gnd, cliff sensor signal)
2 x 2 pin (gnd, button)
Kevin Woo
09:54 PM Bug #1099 (Fixed): Remove Extra FFC
* only 2 adc
* remove 1 edge detector
* more 4 motor encoder lines
* 2 external buttons
* Move down to a single...
Kevin Woo
09:50 PM Bug #1093: Stepper controller should be powered by VCC
4.7uF for bulk, .1uF otherwise Kevin Woo
09:16 PM Bug #1095: ColonyScout Mail Server
Using Google Apps, much easier to setup / administrator. Dan Shope will set it up and hand out email addresses. Rich Hong
07:10 PM Bug #1095 (Fixed): ColonyScout Mail Server
Need email address :) Dan Shope
08:20 PM Task #1098 (Wontfix): ask aaron and cornell about arm stuff
Brad Neuman
07:49 PM Bug #1096 (Fixed): Orb Reflectors
Design reflectors for orbs & hood Dan Shope


06:52 PM Task #1085 (Fixed): Get the BreakFly Dimensions and positioning
See [[ECEBreakoutBoard]] for updated dimensions and positioning Dan Shope
06:49 PM Bug #1094 (Fixed): Encoder/Cliff Wiring
Only 2 encoders and 2 cliff sensors pairs should be routed through the FFC.
The remaining 2 encoder pairs and 1 cl...
Dan Shope
05:55 PM Bug #1093 (Fixed): Stepper controller should be powered by VCC
The VBB pins should be connected to VCC on the stepper controller. Also they should be have a decoupling capacitor on... Kevin Woo
04:35 PM Revision a313e464 (scoutece): changed emitter resistors to 1206, redid traces
Chris Mar
02:37 PM Revision 32028553 (scoutece): fixed ERC errors
Chris Mar
02:31 PM Revision 72129553 (scoutece): added datasheets and new jst version of bom board
Chris Mar
02:55 AM Revision 857d2620 (scoutece): Current version of the scout library
Kevin Woo
02:55 AM Revision 774b9e2e (scoutece): Removed symlink to the library since that wasn't working
Kevin Woo


02:16 PM Bug #1088 (Invalid): Switch motor power from VCC to VBatt
We only want the motors to work if the battery is plugged in. Kevin Woo
12:15 AM Revision 3041d866 (scoutece): Version 1.0 of the scoutfly. These are the zipped gerbers. Sent to ...
Kevin Woo
12:14 AM Revision caddc018 (scoutece): Fixed issues with non-standard resistor values
Kevin Woo
09:17 PM Task #1087 (Fixed): Design Breakfly
FFC/cgrid <-> some form of small connector. Kevin Woo
09:16 PM Task #1086 (Invalid): Design debug board
* Dual usb (1 debug uart, 1 for avr)
* some form of tiny with a uart and an spi
Kevin Woo
09:15 PM Task #1046 (Fixed): Update BOM
Kevin Woo
09:06 PM Task #1085 (Fixed): Get the BreakFly Dimensions and positioning
Need the rectangular size of the board as well as how to line up the FFC connector. Kevin Woo
09:05 PM Task #970 (Fixed): Find all resistors we need
They're on the other BOM if needed Kevin Woo
09:04 PM Bug #1044 (Fixed): Choose a new rtc backup battery
We're going with the CR1220. Added to both BOMs Kevin Woo


03:56 PM Task #1059 (Fixed): Content for Website
Dan Shope
02:34 AM Task #970: Find all resistors we need
Need to add these to the wiki BOM at some point. They are in the actual BOM. Lots of them are missing.
Kevin Woo
11:22 PM Task #1046: Update BOM
Wiki BOM has been updated. Moving with quantities and prices to the google doc: Kevin Woo
11:21 PM Bug #1032 (Fixed): Part Change
Kevin Woo
11:17 PM Bug #1032: Part Change
Sticking with the bga SDRAM Kevin Woo
11:16 PM Task #1037 (Fixed): Put 50MHz oscillator on the ethernet phy chip
Kevin Woo
11:11 PM Task #1045 (Fixed): Add a USB A port to the board on the host controller
Kevin Woo


09:21 PM Revision be64f687 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Kevin Woo
09:21 PM Revision 4048af80 (scoutece): Fixed error in smybol for the Power OR controllers where the FET's ...
Kevin Woo
07:40 PM Revision 3f303323 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Chris Mar
07:39 PM Revision d84551b0 (scoutece): fixed some bom layout stuff
Chris Mar


04:21 PM Revision 7fd8a260 (scoutece): Routed some power planes. Started on the power OR controllers but n...
Kevin Woo
02:46 PM Revision d4df41c7 (scoutece): Added SPI lines to the wireless chip and the control lines. Replace...
Kevin Woo
12:22 PM Revision 5daf8060 (scoutece): Routed all signal wires out of the ARM. Still need to do final conn...
Kevin Woo
11:38 AM Revision 5e579b33 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Chris Mar
11:38 AM Revision 3972f826 (scoutece): updates scout BOM schematic and board. i finished routing, but need...
Chris Mar
11:11 AM Task #1047 (Fixed): Team Member Bios
Dan Shope
11:43 PM Revision ca9f70ed (scoutece): Finished routing PSU, user buttons, fixed a bug in tolerances in th...
Kevin Woo
07:09 PM Revision 94f4f0ac (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Kevin Woo
07:09 PM Revision b9c74451 (scoutece): Reorganized the I2C pins on the FFC. Routed I2C and the I2C levelsh...
Kevin Woo


05:57 PM Revision a2ce43f0 (scoutece): adding scout bom board to repo
Chris Mar
04:34 PM Revision a5862daf (scoutece): Some PSU routing, WL chip except external signals is done. Fixed re...
Kevin Woo
02:26 PM Task #1059 (Fixed): Content for Website
Need to provide content for the software/OS portion of Dan Shope
10:58 PM Revision 14570329 (scoutece): ORB and button wiring, some UART stuff.
Kevin Woo


03:06 AM Revision e91ddfc2 (scoutece): Routed AVR, motor drivers, JTAG, USB ports, debug UART and some of ...
Kevin Woo
11:37 PM Bug #1032: Part Change
16Mbit flas...
Kevin Woo
11:28 PM Task #1036 (Invalid): Doublecheck SDRAM footprint
Went back to the BGA part because there was an error in that footprint Kevin Woo
09:30 PM Revision 0e7dce07 (scoutece): Changedthe 28-QFN footprint, the center pad is now 1mm smaller in b...
Kevin Woo
08:27 PM Revision 03e9c04a (scoutos): untarred prex
Brad Neuman
08:22 PM Revision d1d999a3 (scoutos): deleted test file
Brad Neuman
08:11 PM Revision 44c54fdd (scoutos): testing
Bradford Neuman
08:07 PM Revision 89baf240 (scoutos): test
Kevin Woo
07:50 PM Revision b291a555 (scoutece): Deleted the test
Kevin Woo
07:49 PM Revision 4ca13574 (scoutece): test
Kevin Woo
07:43 PM Revision f9b43048 (scoutece): Initial commit of the unfinished scout board and the current scout ...
Kevin Woo


12:21 AM Task #1047 (Fixed): Team Member Bios
Make a sample bio for team members to list on
Should describe (in 3rd person) a brief bio of eac...
Dan Shope

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