From 09/30/2009 to 10/29/2009


07:49 PM Task #844 (Wontfix): Bootloader
1) Bootloader
* can we boot on an ARM
* how small can we get it
* Can we do it on the 256K SRAM onboard?
Dan Shope
07:14 PM Task #843 (Wontfix): Research POE
POE. Peewie Dan Shope


07:02 PM Task #818: Battery Testing
[[ECE]] Discussion page has been updated with some ICs for Lithium Ion charging
Dan Shope
10:13 PM Task #818 (Fixed): Battery Testing
Purchase more batteries and research LiIon charging, for ARCHS Dan Shope
10:13 PM Task #817 (Fixed): Machine pivot blocks
Machine 4 more pivot blocks (see Dan for drawing spec sheet) Dan Shope
10:12 PM Task #816 (Assigned): Software Architecture
"Fuzzy" software architecture
file system
method naming conventions
Colony libraries
programming/shell interface
Dan Shope
10:06 PM Task #815 (Fixed): Proc Spec
Finish ARM9+ processor spreadsheet
Choose a proc based on
Dan Shope

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