XBee channels

Channels are from 0xC (12) to 0x1A (26). Default channel is 0xC.

Channel (hex) Type Known Applications Using
C (default)
D <startable>
E <startable>
F <startable> Hunter Prey
10 <startable>
11 <switchable>
12 <switchable>
13 <switchable>
14 <switchable>
15 Exclusive Diagnostic Station
16 Reserved
17 Reserved
18 Reserved
19 Exclusive ColoNet Admin
1A Exclusive Wireless Programming

Defining Types

  • (default) - Default channel most behaviors should start in. Used to negotiate switches to other channels.
  • <startable> - Channel usable for a specific application / behavior / debugging that can be booted into.
  • <switchable> - Channel that can be switched into under control of the application / behavior during execution.
  • Exclusive - Channel reserved for a specific application. Other applications / behavior should not use a channel of this type.
  • Reserved - Not currently used, but may be in the future. Don't use this and expect your application or behavior to work in the future.