Colony Simulator

The colony simulator runs programs for the colony robots on a PC. It is currently located in branches/simulator in the SVN repository.

Compiling Programs for the Simulator

1. If you have change libsim, go to projects/simulator/libsim and run 'make'. It should compile the library and copy it to the appropriate location.
2. Compile your program with 'make sim' as opposed to 'make all'. It will copy it into simulator/simulator/bin.

Compiling the Simulator

1. Go to branches/simulator/projects/simulator/simulator.
2. Run 'make'. The simulator should compile. It currently runs only on Linux.

Running your Program

1. In the projects/simulator/simulator, run './simulator bin/your_program'. The simulator should run your program.

Since the simulator is in its formative stages, these directions will likely change frequently.