How to use the Simulator

Goals - Final Specs for Simulator
  • Components to Model
Simulator Process
  • IPC communication and shared memory
  • GUI
  • keep track of robot environment
    • struct with a single robot state
      • contain structs that define motors, sensors, etc
  • scheduling
    • brad has a way to time robot process and have it stop after a specified amount of time
      • a signal is sent to the simulator process to inform it to update the robot state
      • when signals from all robots are in, simulator can increment one step and update robot shared memory
Robot Process
  • Replace robot library
    • insert calls to simulator to replace sensors
  • have IPC shared memory to hold motor, sensor values for this step in the simulation
  • locking for shared memory access:
    • just delay the timing signal until the memory access is completed

Screenshot-Colony_Simulator-1.png View (8.32 KB) Rich Hong, 05/03/2009 12:50 AM