Scout Architecture Paper

Development Notes

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Questions to answer

1. What is research about?
2. Who are you guys?
3. Why should we care?
4. What do you have? What are these robots capable of doing?
5. Can you show us what the potential of this robot colony is for research? Details in particular fields.
6. Is this significant? Why should I care about this when I leave?

Salient points we want to get across and in order

1. Real Low-Cost Robot Platform for multi-agent research
2. Feature-filled cheap, yet robust robots
3. Capable of doing more than previous iteration. Its a real improvement.
4. Good platform for research
5. Ongoing project continually improving


  • Overview of our research and project
    • Overview of Colony III
    • Improvements over Colony III
      • Mention some problems/flaws
  • Intro to our Robots
    • Parts, How its made
    • Mechanical Features (specifics for robustness)
      • 4 wheel drive, more powerful motors
      • Pivot for variable terrain
      • Breakout Ports
    • Scoutfly Basics
      • Dual microcontroller design
      • Distribution of sensors and actuators
      • Possibility for expansion with additional devices
        • Should the possibility for add-on devices get its own section or just be here?
    • BOM
    • XBee
    • Navigation Sensors (Sonar & Cliff sensors)
    • ROS
    • Simulator
  • Current Behaviors and Functionality
    • Line following
    • Warehouse Distribution
  • Future
    • Throw all SURG ideas here


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