Power Management in a Robot Colony

Accepted by URO.

Development Notes

  • The final deadline for the Fall 2007 proposal is March 21, 2007.
    • Spring break ends March 19
  • Topic: Power Management of a Robot Colony
  • Layout
    • Abstract
    • Research Question and Significance
    • Project Design and Feasibility
    • Background
    • Feedback and Evaluation
    • Dissemination of Knowledge
    • Budget Research
  • Section Outline
    • Abstract + Research Question and Significance
      • Why should we care about power efficiency and management? (assigned to: KWoo)
        • Operating in environments with limited power availability
          • Robots deployed in undeveloped areas (i.e. Mars, desert, Pittsburgh slums)
        • Exploring large environments
          • Distance covered dependent on power capacity and usage
        • Minimize power usage in a robot colony without compromising task completion (assigned to: James)
        • Managing limited number of power stations to support a large colony
        • Efficient usage of sensors and wireless (assigned to: Austin)
  • Project Design and Feasibility
    • Explanation of what Colony robots can currently do (assigned to: CMar)
      • Short description of the Colony robots (copy from older SURGs)
      • Localize, Autonomous Recharge, Wireless Communication, etc.
    • Description of what needs to be done for better power management
      • Scalable wireless network (assigned to: Brian)
        • Multiple robots and charging stations on the same network
        • Robust charging station <-> robot communication
          • Load balancing (assigned to: Suresh)
            • Multiple charging stations
            • Robust charging station <-> charging station communication
            • Prioritizing robots' charging requests (battery level comparison)
            • Charging station placement?
          • More efficient power usage (assigned to: Brad)
            • Reduce # of extraneous sensor readings w/o compromising task
            • Better wireless + BOM usage for localization
            • Sleep modes
            • Charging circuit for battery charging
  • Background
    • Current Colony Project organization (copy and modify from older SURGs)
  • Feedback and Evaluation
    • We have meetings and talk to George Kantor (copy)
  • Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Budget (assigned to: James and KWoo)
    • Charging station parts
    • Power supplies
  • Revision
    • Budget Addendum
      • Explains the miscellaneous category in the budget


Colony_-_F07_SURG_Budget.pdf (14.2 KB) Kevin Woo, 09/21/2008 12:42 AM

Colony_-_F07_SURG.pdf (74.6 KB) Kevin Woo, 09/21/2008 12:42 AM