Last meeting of the semester! Good luck on exams, and have a good summer.

Status meeting

High Level Software

This week:
  • Working on new intro lab 0 to solve a maze using simple commands
Next week:
  • Finish up intro lab 0

Mechanical Team

This week:
  • Worked on the hood some

Low Level Software

This week:
  • Where did our Arduino go?
  • Tried to use Udoo's on-board arduino.
    • I think we need to use Wire1 instead of Wire to get the right interface.
    • Since we couldn't get the arduino's i2c working, haven't had a chance to test i2c_smbus_read_block_data(). Eh, it probably works.

Electrical Hardware

This week:
  • Routed IMU
  • Motor controller mostly routed