Status meeting

High Level Software

This week:
  • Worked on charging behavior.
Next week:
  • Work on charging behavior.

Mechanical Team

This week:
  • Starting middle layer!
Next week:
  • Aim to complete design for bottom, middle and top layer on the back of scout
  • Maybe start hood next week

Low Level Software

This week:
  • Finalizing BOM code. Have to test receiving, but other than that it's looking good.
Next week:
  • Test receiving and sending.
  • i2c in Linux.

Electrical Hardware

Last week:
  • Tried to test the BOM. It is off by some 7khz for some reason. It has bad range. Maybe past the 3db point for the filter.
Next week:
  • Switching to Udoo for the main board! Started looking at the main board.