Intro labs

Lab 1 is out. Do it!

Status meeting

High Level Software

This week:
  • Figured out our approach to drive towards goal. (Found out Julian gave us an impossible task)
  • Got "drive to an emitter" behavior working!
Next week:
  • More test on drive to an emitter
  • Start writing behavior to drive towards the intersection of two BOM signals
  • Peyton?

Low Level Software

This week:
  • Began work on i2c
Next week:
  • I can't make the meeting tomorrow
  • Test BOM receiving
  • Work on i2c

Mechanical Hardware

This week:
  • Made some progress on various tasks
  • How large are the line following sensors?
  • Need more info on what wires go where
Next week:
  • Create all 3 layers in solidworks

Electrical Hardware

This week:
  • Finished Boards
Next week:
  • Make Programing Boards
  • Send Out Boards
  • Start working on battery charging