Intro labs

The next intro lab will be released soon.

Status meeting

Electrical Hardware

This week:

  • Finished BOM Schematics

Next week:

  • Start Layout
  • Question: How should the reset be hooked up for the bootloader?

High Level Software

This week:
  • Got LCM installed on scout
  • Used LCM to control the motors. Compile time seems promising.
    (though we have a very simple program...)
  • BOM simulation semi-working
  • added gitignore for git repo
Next week:
  • Develop a more complicated behavior using LCM
  • BOM simulation 3/4 working (send message the right way)
  • Start writing behavior to drive scout towards charger

Low Level Software

This week:
  • Meetings have been rescheduled to Wednesdays at 2:30.
  • Began looking into i2c bootloader.
Next week:
  • Continue work on new BOM software.

Mechanical Hardware

This week:
  • Finished Solidworks training
  • Reviewed the Mill
Next week:
  • begin building!