Intro labs

Demo today! Who's ready?

Status meeting

Electrical Hardware

This week:

  • Worked on BOM Schematics

Next week:

  • Finish BOM Schematics. Start layout.

High Level Software

This week:

  • Progress on simulation of BOM
  • Tested compilation times on Scout further
  • Working on dynamically reconfigured parameters, for less frequent compilation

Next week:

  • Get communication working in BOM simulation
  • Investigate ROS on OpenEmbedded
  • Investigate LCM

Low Level Software

This week:

  • Continued work on new BOM code

Next week:

  • Brent, get on wireless
  • Keep working on new BOM code:
    • i2c on Gumstix
    • Bootloader for i2c programming, maybe
  • Still need the limit switch to be attached...

Mechanical Hardware

This week:

  • Met and worked on Solidworks training.
    • Team is doing very well with it!
  • Discussed Lathe and shop safety

Next week:

  • Discuss Mill, cont. shop safety
  • Continue with Solidworks - How to design a part