Meeting times

High Level Software - 1:30 Sunday
Low Level Software - 5:00 Monday
Electrical Hardware - 12:00 Sunday
Mechanical Hardware - 4:30 Sunday

Intro labs

There will be a help session Saturday at 4.

Status meeting

Electrical Hardware

This week:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Started learning about BOM
  • Assignment to learn eagle

Next week:

  • Design new BOM and communicate design to software groups

High Level Software

This week:

  • Trying to migrate rosbuild to catkin
  • Ported dependencies of libscout, but not yet libscout
  • Working on BOM simulation in simulator

Next week:

  • Migrate libscout
  • Get BOM working in simulator

Low Level Software

This week:

  • Had our first meeting, talked about AVR programming

Next week:

  • I'll be sending out info on checking out the repository soon. Sorry I haven't gotten to that yet. There should also be some info about it in the intro lab
  • Brent's bugging Matt about the wireless testing hardware we were using last semester
  • We'll need to rewrite the BOM code, but we need more info on the new BOM system
  • Also still need the limit switch to be attached...
  • Look into i2c on Gumstix

Mechanical Hardware

This week:

  • Did Solidworks training

Next week:

  • Continue Solidworks training
  • Look at improving the back of the truck
    • No room for wiring
    • Redo cliff sensors
    • BOM changes
  • Start looking a few weeks in the future about molding