Welcome back! These are just notes for our first meeting of the year. Nothing too formal.

Where we are

  • Board
    • No new revision
    • Battery charging is partly working, but has issues
  • Software
    • Various bug fixes / finalizations at the end of last semester
    • Everything is in ROS, but it's a pain
      • Slow compile times on Scout
      • Hard to learn
      • We'll consider some alternatives
  • Low level software
    • Code in place
    • Odd problems with wireless?
  • Hardware
    • Laser cut a tank

What we want to do this semester

  • Board
    • Needs another revision, hopefully by someone new to spread the knowledge
    • Fix battery charging
  • Software
    • Run ROS tutorials with new (and current?) members
    • Further bug fixes etc
  • Low level software
    • Wireless
    • Testing and optimization
  • Hardware
    • Bring in someone who knows about molding as a mentor
  • Overall
    • No SURG this year. Effort / benefit ratio is too low at this moment
    • Some ideas:
      • Laser tag
      • 2d SLAM
      • Construction vehicle (aka candy bot)
      • Revisit forklift
      • Self-charging
    • Voted goals: self-charging and forklift