High level software - Priya

  • Automatically generate behaviorlist files when make is run
  • Remove old teleop and clean up scoutsim folder
  • CCW and CW are reversed, fix that.
  • Add wait() functionality to Behavior class that blocks but continuously calls spinOnce()
  • Move other message/service definitions to the messages package
  • Started testing encoders on real scout
This week's goals
  • Make some helper classes and utility functions to be DRYer
  • Debug odometry on real scout
  • Debug smart runaround

Mechanical - Peyton

  • Found another person to create the model.
  • Distributed mold making instructions
This week's goals
  • Flesh out molding instructions
  • Collect mold making materials

Board - Julian

  • Mostly-working Battery Board
  • Paintboard parts are in
This week's goals
  • Finish assembling paintboard

Low level software - Tom

  • Planned out and started writing paintboard code.
  • Haley started stepper stuff
  • Wireless - trouble programming the dev boards
This week's goals
  • Paintboard code
  • Stepper code
  • Successful wireless test
  • Fix ugly fix in encoders node
  • Add reset encoders function