Meeting Minutes February 7th 2013

Announcement: Go Team!

Subgroup Updates

Software Team - Priya

  • "All" GUI bugs that were reported have been fixed
  • Made autogenerated makefiles
This week's goals:
  • Alex will finish the autogenerated files (for easier behavior dev!)
  • Assorted GUI things
  • Assorted behavior running things
  • New behavior of smart-run-around

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Started assembling things and figuring out tank placement
  • Valves "seemed to work okay"
This week's goals:
  • More assembly/testing
  • Figure out what voltages things operate at

Board Team - Julian

  • Figured out temporary alternative to on-board charging
  • Worked on new on-board charging circuit
  • Tested Geiger counter using background radiation
  • Add Ruben/Kevin/Luke to Redmine/mailing list/repo
This week's goals:
  • Work on next scoutfly rev.
  • Start working on Geiger counter/chalk valve board
  • Talk to Physics department about obtaining radioactive samples
  • Ping Atkeson

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • Tested motors more
  • Figured out how to not use stupid Network Manager (though it doesn't work on Arch yet)
  • Anson assembled cliff sensors
This week's goals:
  • Make network connection work on Arch so Julian can use it
  • Stepper homing
  • Run ROS things on startup
  • Attach cliff sensors and test them

Intro Lab 1

Demos next week. Get started soon!