Meeting Minutes January 24th 2013

Subgroup Updates

Software Team - Priya


  • Doodle Poll to establish meeting
  • Lab 1 out

This week's goals:

  • Pick a day for meeting time.
  • Decide on new goals for Software Team

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Printed back plate
This week's goals:
  • Wait for parts
  • Finish making back and mounting it to the Scout

Board Team - Julian

  • Assembled battery charger. Broke it.
  • Drove a bit
This week's goals:
  • Continue fixing board in eagle
  • Finish battery board

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • Did doodle poll. Weekly meetings will be Mondays at 4:30.
This week's goals:
  • Meet for the first time this semester and talk about what to do.

Intro labs

Lab 0 has been out, and we're demoing next week. Check your email for details. Lab 1 is also out now.

Lab 0 demos next week! Do it! Do it NOW! Or later.

SURG Stuff

We got a SURG. Thanks for showing up. Money is in accounts.

Meeting location

For all future meetings, we'll be in Wean 5320, Thursdays at 4:30.