Subgroup Updates

Software Team - Priya

  • Simulator good enough for intro labs :)
This week's goals:
  • FOR EVERYONE Try out the first intro lab, over the next two weeks
  • Schedule help session for intro lab

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Ordered parts
This week's goals:
  • Some weekend soon once parts come in, have big build session
  • Make back plate

Board Team - Julian

  • Assembled battery charger. Charges, but only at 1/3 of actual intended charge rate
  • Assembled motors and encoders
This week's goals:
  • Continue fixing board in eagle
  • Finish battery board
  • Drive around

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • Motors and encoders work (sometimes), which is great success (mostly)
This week's goals:
  • Finish ROSsy main code on AVR (or as much as we have for now)
  • Fix motor issue where it stops doing anything
  • Do more thorough testing of motors/encoders
  • (Eventually) actually test SONAR

Intro labs

New set of intro labs! These are software/simulator/ROS related. Check your email, and take a look over the next week. Due in two weeks.

SURG Stuff
We got a SURG. Those of you who need to show up for the open house need to do so!


Late January. We need some demoables by then.