Subgroup Updates

Software Team - Priya

  • Toggling things per scout
    • Sonar
    • Ghost scout
    • Teleop
  • Maze completed, except for a few issues
  • Line following is messed up
This week's goals:
  • Fix the issue that there is
  • Finish maze solving
  • Wireless visualizer
  • Cleaning up scoutsim codebase

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Developed parts list
This week's goals:
  • Acquire parts

Board Team - Julian

  • Found a couple more errors in preventing Gumstix from being inserted onto board
  • Fixed these errors on current rev by removing unnecessary logic level converter
  • Worked on fixing errors in eagle for the next board rev
This week's goals:
  • Continue fixing board in eagle
  • Continue work on battery board

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • We now have a plan for Gumstix power management
  • Successfully booted a custom built kernel
  • Gumstix fails to boot on scoutfly :(
    • Probably just a problem with the serial i/o
This week's goals:
  • Make the Gumstix boot on scoutfly
  • Maybe some of the other goals that were for last week...

Intro labs

New set of intro labs when we come back from break! These are software/simulator/ROS related.


Late January. We need some demoables by then.