Subgroup Updates

Board Team - Julian

  • Put more components on board for AVR
  • Put AVR on board, but many shorts exist
  • Put AVR on board again, and it might be okay now
This week's goals:
  • Check the AVR, and if it's okay, try programming it

Software Team - Priya

  • Sonar in progress - testing and debugging!
  • GUI is coming along =)
This week's goals:
  • Sonar. For reals this time.
  • GUI pretty much done, push it to done.
  • Sonar behaviors.

Low Level Software - Tom

  • Steady progress in small bits towards a usable Gumstix
  • Encoder driver and motors node finished, but still not tested
  • Some progress on headlights?
  • Wireless is hard to find info on
This week's goals:
  • Need to talk with high level software team about code edit/download/test workflow on Scout
  • Finish headlights
  • Talk about how to deal with timers
  • Fix range sensor code to store more values
  • Find someone who knows what's going on with wireless

Mechanical - Peyton

  • Got some good feedback from prototyping session
    • Mixture is very watery
    • Need to actively keep it mixed
This week's goals:
  • Do some more planning/testing


Turned in! Hopefully we'll get good news back

Intro Lab 1

This one's a bit harder than the last...

Demos in two weeks on November 8th.