Subgroup Updates

Board Team - Julian


  • Julian is a BAD person!
  • 1.8V seems to work
  • Weird transistor issues. To be diagnosed later.
  • uC ready to be soldered on

This week's goals:

  • Solder uC and begin testing

Software Team - Priya

  • Odometery works now, just need to tune constants a little.
  • Sensor Class. On the way to fixing the bug Tom found.
  • Finalized GUI layout
  • Sonar data by weekend (or Alex gets it)
This week's goals:

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • Gumstix
    • PWM output works! Nearly finished motors node
    • Working on driver for quad encoders
    • Trying to consolidate all modified /etc files, to put into repo
  • AVR
    • Brent's looking into wireless
This week's goals:
  • Gumstix
    • Finish motors node
    • Finish encoder driver
    • Testing something would be nice (where's all the hardware?)
  • AVR
    • Come one, come all! Pedagogical code writing session this weekend.

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Built a prototype, ready soon for testing
This week's goals:
  • Test this Wednesday


  • Mechanically oriented: chalk thing
  • Interested in helping:
    • Patricia
    • Peyton
    • Matt
    • Julian
    • Priya
  • Due October 24th, hope to be finished by Monday
  • Spring 2013 SURG Link

Intro lab 1

  • Starting next Monday the 22nd. We'll be around the club around 5.
  • Range sensors, BOM, odometry... great fun!