Subgroup Updates

Board Team - Julian

This week's goals:
  • People have been learning things
  • Got parts
Last week's goals:
  • Hope to finish soldering power circuit by next week

Software Team - Priya

Last week's goals:
  • Helped people get ROS and Scoutos onto laptops.
  • People having hard time getting ROS onto laptops =(
    • ROS SUCKS!!!
This week's goals:
  • Alex & Priya - Scoutos documentation
  • Divide up tasks
    • sonar and encoders and odometry
  • Work meeting this weekend

Low Level Software Team - Tom

Last week's goals:
  • Gumstix boots!
  • Cliff sensor code almost finished
This week's goals:
  • Finish cliff sensors
  • Have concrete info about what motor drivers will entail
  • Maybe some progress on other sensors

Mechanical Team - Peyton

Last week's goals:
  • Meeting time is now 4:30 Friday (starting next week or maybe tomorrow who knows)
This week's goals:
  • Meet


  • Probably mechanically oriented
  • Interested in helping:
    • Patricia
    • Peyton
    • Matt
    • Julian
  • Due October 24th
  • Emails about meetings pending

Intro labs