Subgroup Updates

Board Team -

This week's goals:
  • Continue teaching new people soldering and SMT soldering
  • Continue assembling board with ETA of 10/6 for finishing the power circuit
Last week's goals:
  • Taught new people soldering
  • Continued working on assembling board

Software Team - Priya

Btw, software automatically works on Fuerte. Yay!

Last week's goals:
  • Taught new people about ROS and our code
  • Created Plan of Action
    • Work on library code for sonar and encoders and odometry
    • Work on simulator code for sonar and odometry
    • Write behavior that solves a maze
  • New people were supposed to:
    • Get ROS Installed
    • Do ROS Tutorials
This week's goals:
  • Get Code on laptops
  • Run existing Behaviors on simulator
  • Divide up tasks
  • Set up work meeting for this weekend

Low Level Software Team - Tom

Last week's goals:
  • Anson has the cliff sensor working
  • Chris looking at motor drivers (progress?)
  • I have not succeeded yet in a bootable gumstix
This week's goals:
  • Implement more things on the AVR
  • Boot the gumstix

Mechanical Team - Peyton

  • Leadership update

Intro labs

  • Went well last week
  • Work any time you want!
  • Monday 5:00 again we'll be around


  • Probably mechanically oriented
  • Interested in helping:
    • Patricia
    • Peyton
    • Matt
    • Julian
  • Due October 24th