Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

Week Goal
1 Behavior Code to compile, port code to colony
2 Finish porting code to colony, switch to ROS messages, integrate with simulator
4 Test more & fix bugs
5 Test and take videos
6 Party & Meeting of the Minds

So far on schedule!

Mechanical - John

Forklift - Julian

  • Went over goals from now until end of semester
  • Manufacturing held up due to a couple design issues
  • Heard back from DShope today and we should be able to move forward this week.
Week Goal
2 Manufacture Forklift
3 Ensure Forklift works with board, Fix Mechanical Flaws
4 Prepare for carnival
5 Mechanical Integration with Colony 3's
6 Final Demo's & Meeting of the Minds

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Added LinesensorControl.cpp/h to interface with behaviors
    • Almost almost really working!
    • I will have it working before the behaviors meeting tomorrow!
  • New version Teleop is being tested and almost working!
  • Spec for the Wireless receiver/transmitter =/
  • Able to easily run different behaviors/robots now!
    • Simple ros call to spawn a scout =)
  • Haha, that was a lot of almosts.
Week Goal
1 Linesensor Done
2 Wireless and Teleop all the way done
3 Odometry
4 Screw around, add sonar or something
5 Ghost Scout
6 Party liek ofc

Board - Abe

  • Decided against using Advanced Circuits
    • Scoutfly is too cool for their design rules
  • Ordering Scoutfly from DorkbotPDX
    • Laen's rates are competitive, and the turnaround time is one week
    • Board has been ordered
Week Goal
1 Finish prototype Scoutfly design, order boards
2 Wait for board to manufacture
3 Wait for board to ship
4 Assemble board
5 Probably still assemble board
6 Prepare documentation for MoM, see if we can get board to do anything to say that we did

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Testing AVR code on 549 project
    • Wireless too
  • Alex is doing ARM code for interview (poke poke)

Other Updates

  • Commercializing Scout discussion
  • MOTM - May 9th
    • Plans from subgroups
  • Start getting pictures and videos for SURG!
    • Do it while its still working =O
    • Pictures of forklift assembly
    • Video of simulator running behaviours
    • Video of wireless communication

Attended by: Priya, Julian, Leon, Misty, Tim, Abe, Tom, Dan, John, Alex, James, Lambda
Emails from: Jeff, Ben, Lalitha