Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

  • Not much to report =(
  • Started work on Colony 3 codes

Mechanical - John

Forklift - Julian

  • Finished board. Works 100%!
  • Waiting on mechanical forklift to test control code
  • Tom started working on integration with Colony 3's

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Missed our weekend meeting
  • Leon has updated a teleop, which I'm debugging with him
  • Will put some work in during the week to get line following up.

Board - Abe

  • Generated Gerber files and submitted them to FreeDFM
    • FreeDFM is not happy
  • Finished Parts order. Should be ready to submit when board is submitted.

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Dan is writing AVR code
  • Alex is writing ARM code
  • Tom is doing ROS Serial
  • Ben is testing WL lib in 549 project

Other Updates

  • Deliverables for SURG (May 9th)
    • Scout prototype
    • Boards
    • Working forklift
    • Simulator video
    • Colony 3 video

Attended by: Lalitha, Ben, Tom, Jon, Priya, Julian, Abe, Leon, Alex, Misty, Tim, Lamda, James
Emails from: Jeff(late)
Late: DanJ,