Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

  • Starting testing Scheduler
  • Making things ROS compatible

Mechanical - John

Forklift - Julian

Electrical Progress
  • Assembled board for the first time
  • Fried two AVR's :(
  • Assembled second board.
    • I2C works with a small bug.
    • Motor control on avr works.
    • Reading forklift height works
Mechanical Progress
  • Pretty much done with solidworks design!
  • Parts will be ordered this week
  • Manufacturing and Assembly should begin next week (unless an experienced mechanist can help out this week)

New Meeting Time Again?

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Good progress!
    • Loaded two maps: one for texture and one for lines. Can display both.
    • Added menus
      • GUI about, close, clear map, and change view
    • Added new top-down version of scout
  • Coming soon
    • Linefollowing
    • Better Teleop
    • Inter-robot communication
  • Demo if you want it

Board - Abe

  • Discussed Zigbee software stack as it relates to hardware configuration
    • Not going to make any hardware changes related to this
  • Getting ready to send out board order
    • Waiting for feedback from Kevin
      • Probably won't wait any longer than it takes us to get other stuff ready
    • Going to abandon hot power supply switching, as its utility is negligible in this iteration
    • Just need to look at the Gerber files and make sure the fonts aren't illegible like on the power test board

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Waiting on Dan, Azl, Prasanth for SW
  • Deciding between BitCloud and lower level alternative for WL
  • Tom is working on RosSerial

Other Updates

  • Start getting pictures and videos for SURG!
    • Do it while its still working =O
    • Pictures of forklift assembly
    • Video of simulator running behaviours
    • Video of wireless communication

Attended by: John, Abe, Julian, Misty, Leon, Tim, Ben, Dan, Alex, Tom, Lambda, Priya, James
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