Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

  • Tested BFS. Works now.
  • Finish testing FSM.
  • Scheduler wrapper done soon.
  • TODOs:
    • Translate Scheduler code to c++
    • Make sure ported linefollowing code works
    • Make sure everything interfaces correctly
    • Get_worst_case_time function

Mechanical - John

  • No Updates

Forklift - Julian

  • Parts and Board order. Hopefully will get parts in shortly before or immediately after spring break.
  • Still designing forklift in solidworks
  • Selected linear potentiometer

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Fixed a problem with memory allocation which had broken scoutsim a while back
  • New EncodersControl class
  • Odometry hooked up to EncodersControl
    • Both of the above need some debugging
  • Should set a time frame / goals etc. Seem to be regularly making little progress due to not having enough time.

Board - Abe

Power prototype
  • Replaced broken FTDI chip with new one
    • USB communication might work: haven't reprogrammed AVR since then, sometimes getting serial output
  • Added external pull-up resistor to pushbutton input, as internal one is flaky
    • Pushbutton behaves correctly, but controller is still stuck on
  • Kevin suggests investigating behavior of !SHDN pin on LDO when disconnected, i.e. does it pull or float?
  • Would benefit from breaking out the pushbutton controller and hooking up a logic analyzer to it
Scoutfly routing
  • Julian made substantial progress on routing a reduced version of Scoutfly with most of the power path removed
  • Seems sufficient for SURG, will probably be able to ship out relatively soon
  • Should seek opinion of Kevin, possibly Brian and Tom
Personnel issues
  • Ben Shih no longer with us
  • Five people and two slow, tedious tasks
    • Need to figure out how to parallelize workload more

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Tom wrote sending library interface
  • Everyone else was busy with HW or Board
  • Will have drivers done by next Monday
    • Or Dan's head will roll

Other Updates

  • SWE Demos
    • Went well
    • Colony bots run out of batteries
    • Keep 2-3 good robots demo ready always!!!

Attended by: Alex, James, Leon, Ben, Dan, Julian, Abe, Tom, Misty, Tim, John,
Emails from: Lalitha, Jeff