Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

  1. BFS implementation done (tested?)
  2. Split up scheduler work and work on this tomorrow
  3. FSM for map (done by tomorrow)

Mechanical - John

  • In contact with Dan, further build events as possible
  • Kyle left
  • Team members focusing on Forklift work (complete overlap)

Forklift - Julian

  • Motor driver chosen. Will be using Toshiba TB6593FNG.
  • Breakout board actually runs at 5V according to scout-fly schematic so logic levels changed to run at 5V
  • Schematic finished
  • Board Routed

Goal: Submit parts and board order within the next 2-3 days.

  • Forklift dimensions completed.
  • Some solidworks completed.

Goal: Have a firm dimensioned and modeled forklift by next week. Not necessarily completely entered into solidworks.

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Wrote Odometry node! Need to hook it up to sim readings still.
  • Working on sonars (placeholders throughout code).
    • Sorry, I can't work much faster.
  • Separated teleop node into two nodes to allow concurrency

Board - Abe

Power board diagnosis
  • Able to program AVR via ISP
  • Not able to get USB output
    • UART pins on AVR are firing, but FTDI chip looks totally dead
    • Maybe it just broke when we overvolted it, going to replace it with one known to work
  • Talked to Nico about pushbutton controller
    • He suspects that we are misunderstanding how the KILL input works
    • He will look at it more after he finishes some exams
  • Kevin suggested some diagnostic procedures
Scoutfly Eagle update
  • Routed part of charging circuit
Ideas to speed up development
  • Consulted Kevin on board development process
    • He says that breaking the board up works well for prototyping if you have a lot of money to spin boards and can parallelize development and testing over multiple engineers
    • Building prototypes with broken-out components may also allow us to find bugs
    • Iteratively building out Scoutfly could work too
  • Probably the main thing slowing us down is lack of man hours

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Dan and Alex are writing AVR/ARM drivers
  • Tom is writing ROS level Wireless library
  • Ben and Jeff are writing driver level Wireless library
  • 3/4 of Wireless library is being discarded due to redundancy with ROS

Other Updates

Attended by: Ben, DanJ, Julian, Alex, Tim, Misty, Abe, Jon, Leon, Jeff, Tom, John, James
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