Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

  • Finished porting over all code (Yay group!)
  • Wrote map implementation (mostly)
  • Scheduler robot interface defined
    • Scheduler: provides task to robot (GET <spot #>, DROP <spot #>, MOVE <spot #> <spot #>)
    • Robot: executes task. Says "I'm Done!"
    • Something: provides time from A->B
      • Handles resource availibility
      • Knows where all robots are and their tasks


  1. Leon finish path planning with help
  2. Dan will write basic scheduler & something that handles time from A->B
  3. Write Priority Queue implementation (for map & scheduler)
  4. FSM for map

Mechanical - John

  • Successful build day with Dan Monday
  • continuing planning work
  • I've Emailed Dan, more build times will be coming up, emails as they happen
  • need to work on the meeting time, people aren't showing up

Forklift - Julian

  • Mechanical
    • Played With RC forklift :)
    • Agreed upon belt based mechanical design
    • Misty started designing it in solid works. Should be done in 2 weeks.
    • Forklift motor selected as high gear ratio version of the scout drive motors.
  • Electrical
    • Initial research into motor driver
    • Selected atmega168 as the micro-controller
    • System will run at 3.3V to conform to rest of scout logic level design

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Nothing new done - sorry!
    • I blame hackathons.
  • Plans for the week:
    • Sonars working
    • Odometry working
    • Smoother teleop
    • Wireless

Board - Abe

  • Power board testing
    • Pushbutton controller datasheet gives conflicting information about how the enable output works
      • Not sure yet how the controller actually operates
    • Controller is stuck in the on position, so we can test other components
      • Julian made a little progress getting a bootloader on the AVR
  • Scoutfly routing
    • Routed more of new power circuit on Scoutfly
    • Probably more than half of the initial placement is done, but it will still need tweaking

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Driver level software being written
    • Both ARM and AVR
  • ROSSerial being poked at
  • Wireless library will be derived from wireless-new from Colony 3
    • Parts will be kept, parts will be discarded

Other Updates

  • SWE Showcase Feb 19th (Sunday) 3:30-5:30
    • Need 2 people to be there (Alex & Leon)
    • Need hunter prey demo
    • Need singing robot demo
    • Need linefollowing demo
    • Need 2 people to pack Saturday

Attended by: Priya, Ben, John H, Lalitha, Leon, Dan, Alex, Julian, Tom, Abe, Misty, Tim, Jen
Emails from: Jeff
Late (because of asian language classes, and snorkeling): Lambda, James