Subgroup Updates

Warehouse Behavior - Priya

  • Porting over code from Linefollowing and Intersection Behavior
    • Using same map representation as last year
  • Idea for Roads
  • Using line sensors mounted on back (need Mech group to do this)
  • Scheduler Ideas (being finalized today)

Goals in 1 month

  • Robot Planner (Driving Robots)
    • linefollowing & intersecions & maps done
    • Start work on path planning
  • Scheduler (Status Bot)
    • Write simple scheduler that is time/space efficient

Mechanical - John

  • Planning mold creation with Dan
    • Dan needs to finalize some of the third generation designs
    • Plan to travel to Dan's home to assist in mold creation, Dates to be set later
  • need to set up new meeting time
  • Received documentation from Dan, all members reviewing now
    • Kyle, I'll cc you if you would like to also review this documentation
Goals for future
  • waiting on Dan to continue main development
  • Focusing on Forklift work for now

Forklift - Julian

  • Divided into mechanical and electrical groups.
    • Electrical Team is Julian and Tom
    • Mechanical Team is John, Misty, and Kyle
  • Specified specific tasks
    • Forklift must a first only be able to move objects at ground level but must be expandable.
    • Forklift will mount on the back of the scout.
    • Forklift should be able to lift at least the weight of a scout robot.
Goals for Next Month
  • Mechanical
    • Design CAD Model
    • Specify motor
  • Electrical
    • Determine smart accessory interface protocol
    • Determine motor driver requirements and relevant sensors.
    • Design board and send to fab house.

Simulator (and ROS) - Alex

  • Weekly Progress
    • Supported encoders in scoutsim
    • Set goals
  • Current Goals
    • Scout Teleop Node (Leon)
    • Inter-Robot Communication (Matt)
    • Odometry Node (Priya)
    • Sonars in Scoutsim (Alex)

Board - Abe

  • Progress since last meeting
    • Established weekly meeting time (20:30 - 22:00 Wednesdays)
    • Assigned tasks to group members
    • Talked to Kevin about power board issues, made a little progress debugging
    • Started routing new power circuit on Scoutfly
  • Goals for next meeting
    • Figure out what's wrong with power circuit, make appropriate changes
    • Make progress rerouting Scoutfly
  • Issues
    • Batteries on Shelf top row

Low-level Software - Ben

  • Last Meeting
    • Meeting time: Wednesday 22:00
    • Discussed ROS structure
      • Behavior - Library - Hardware/Simulator
    • Distributed tasks for investigation
  • Short term goals
    • Rework current ROS structure
    • Figure out how to use ROS-Serial
      • Decide if we are using or not
    • Figure out how to access GPIO on Gumstix
    • Figure out how to access GPIO on AVR
      • Write HW nodes
    • Figure out how wireless works on AVR

Other Updates

  • Wiki pages for subgroup meeting minutes
  • Emailed Matt Mason for Monies. =)
  • Final subgroup meeting times
  • New Room (maybe)
  • Cookie Schedule
  • Open House.
    • SUCCESS! Funded 500$.
  • Colony Frisbee

Attended by: Abe, Alex, John, Priya, Ben, Prasanth, Misty, Leon,
Emails from: Julian, Lamda, Kyle
Late: Dan J