Progress over break

  • Sim progress over break
    • Demo
  • Goals for Sim
    • Terrained backgrounds
    • Sonar
    • BOM
    • Encoders
  • Board progress over break
    • USB Host does not come up
    • Updating Eagle Scoutfly with new power board
    • New Motor driver?
  • Goals for Boards
    • Diagnose what is wrong with USB
    • Put firmware on it
    • Power up board
    • Make sure all the devices on it work
    • Make remaining changes to Scoutfly
    • Get Kevin, Brian, and Tom to sign off on next scoutfly version
    • Send it to board house.
  • New SURG - Automated Warehouse Storage and Retrieval System using a Low Cost Robot Colony
    • Goal: Demonstrate Scouts ability to model a warehouse distribution systen
  • Goals for new SURG
    • Get a scout working
    • Behavior for one robot to drive and pick up plate and drive back
    • Planner to schedule & assign tasks to robots
    • Forklift designed and built

Split up & assign tasks

Assign group leaders for subgroups.
  • Group leaders are responsible for tasks getting done.
  • Present progress on task at meetings
  • Update their section of agenda
  • Can delegate to subgroup members, but are responsible if not completed


  • Warehouse Behavior - Priya
    • Jeff, Prasanth, Lamda, Leon, Lalitha, Jon, James, Priya
  • Mechanical - John
    • John, Timothy, Kyle
  • Forklift - Julian
    • John, Timothy, Misty, Kyle, Tom, Julian
  • Simulator (and ROS) - Alex
    • Alex, Priya, Leon
  • Board - Abe
    • Abe, Ben, Tom, Julian, Misty
  • Low-level Software - Ben
    • Julian, Abe, Lamda, Prasanth, Tom, Jeff, Dev, Ben

Members & Organization

  • How to manage new goals
    • Gantt chart did not work. Why?
  • Taking attendance at meetings.
  • People should edit agenda by day before status meeting & present at status meeting
    • If not updated, they will get lots of call from me/subgroup leader
  • New member feedback
    • Feedback during intro labs with technical problems
    • Better work meetings
    • Friendly to people with new members
  • Efforts to recruiting new members
    • Activities fair and Roboclub GB meeting
    • If not a lot of people, assign to projects

Other Stuff

  • SURG Open House
    • Jan 25th.
  • Paper. Need 5-6 people to write paper over summer for journal/conference
    • Most knowledgeable & active people
    • Most likely to be subgroup leaders, but not necessarily
  • New Meeting time
  • Cookie Sched.

Attended by: Priya, Timothy, Julian, Kyle, Misty, Leon, Abe, Lamda, Prasanth, Willis, Dev, James, John, Ben, Jeff, Lalitha, Tom, Jon
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Late: Dan