Hunter Prey Demo!

  • Video will be up soon since I have nothing to do over Thanksgiving!
    • (Same with Lab0 video)

Doxygen Pop Quiz!

Software Meeting Updates

  • Writing libscout components
    • Finished by the next Software meeting
  • Documentation!
    • Create a page!

Hardware Meeting Updates

  • Board Came In!!!
    • Components havent come in yet
    • Should be in by end of break
  • Powering up Scoutfly
  • Sonar & Stepper working together
  • BOM testing
  • Motor testing & writing driver lib code
  • Bother Sai

Mechanical Updates

  • Bother DShope about having Mechanical Meetings


  • Our Wiki Sucks!
    • Information missing & disorganize
  • Pictures/Videos
    • Email to me! Blurb will be written over break
  • What people want to do this semester. Goals. Etc.
    • Functional Nodes
    • Send out design for "functional" scoutfly
    • Simulator basic functionality (driving around)
    • Demo ROSSERIAL
    • Network Capability
      • Use USB wireless chip?
    • OS in a state where we can put a behavior on it and have it run
  • Old Colony Parts
    • Repair old bots
    • Swap old boards
      • Need connectors