New Members

  • Competition in Roboclub!
  • Graduated -- Show up to Wed/Thurs meetings
  • Move colony-new mailing list to colony
    • Disable it somehow

Doxygen Presentation

Software Updates (Wed 5:30)

  • Do your tickets
    • Goals for end of semster
  • Write file in libScout
    • Interface with node
    • Needs to be written
  • Simulator (Dont need driver code!)
    • Can start working with behaviors (Distribution Warehouse Stuff)
    • Email if want to work on it
    • Thanksgiving Break
    • Important to get nodes done by then!!!
  • Commit structures
    • DanJ, Willis, Dev, Prashant left =(

Hardware Updates (Thurs 5:30)

  • Powerboard sent for printing
    • Will be in 1 week.
  • Powering up rest of scoutfly
    • Testing rest of board if this works
  • BOM Testing
    • Driver code for BOM on microcontroller
  • Sonar Testing
    • Almost working
    • Wire stepper motor to sonar & get them stepping & reading
  • Getting normal and stepper motor for thursday
  • IMU Specced out

Mechanical Update

  • Update?
  • Progress with Forklift design?
  • Next Meeting?


  • SURG WE GOT IT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emailed Brian Kirby
    • Maybe getting new boards for old robots
    • Asked how to get funding for building Scout
  • Cleaned up W: drive. Use for colony stuff.
  • Cleaned up Wiki. Use to document when you do work.
  • What people want to do this semester. Goals. Etc.
    • Functional Nodes
    • Send out design for "functional" scoutfly
    • Simulator basic functionality (driving around)
    • Demo ROSSERIAL
    • Network Capability?
    • OS in a state where we can put a behavior on it and have it run
    • Tickets helpful?
  • Use Wed/Thurs meetings as work meetings for rest of year.
    • Come in expecting to be there for 1.5-2 hrs!
    • Work on tickets/projects!