New Members

  • Lab2 Out. Demo next week?
    • Progress
    • Email corrections to intro labs
  • Graduating -- Show up to Wed/Thurs meetings
  • Scout Videos
  • Hunter-Prey Demo Next Meeting
  • SVN&GIT tutorial
  • Redmine Tutorial

Intro Labs

  • Wednesday at 4:30-8 will have people to help
    • But come at other times to avoid crowds

Scout Meetings

  • Scout Software Meetings: Wednesdays 5:30pm
  • Scout Hardware Meetings: Thursdays 5:30pm

Gantt Chart

  • Assigning Tasks to people at software and hardware meetings
  • Outlines most of the tasks for this semester needed to get Scout working

Software Updates

  • Assigned nodes to people. Due today! Progress?
    • Update Tickets!!!
    • Commit -- Code Review Wednesday?
  • Abe made coding standards. Yay!
    • Find link for doxygen standards and put on coding standards Abe. DONE?

Hardware Updates

  • Driver code structure outlined.
  • Hardware is in. Test Hardware!!
  • Need to place a new order
    • Waiting for confirmation from Dshope
    • Follow up with Robbie

Mechanical Update

  • Meeting Sunday
    • Explained Scout platform to interested members
    • Working on ideas for forklift
  • Motors that came in were mounted to Scout
  • Cliff sensors mounted
  • Some wiring done
  • If interested in doing MechE things email me!


  • SURG Written and Handed in YAY!
  • Shelf cleaned. Ready for new Scout stuff!
  • Use wiki. Will be reorganized soon.
  • Videos & Pictures for Colony.

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