New Members

  • Lab1 Competition Demo Today!
  • Lab2 Out Today
    • Email corrections to intro labs
  • SVN&GIT tutorial Jeff
  • Emails

Intro Labs

  • Wednesday at 4:30-8 will have people to help
    • But come at other times to avoid crowds

Scout Meetings

  • Scout Software Meetings: Wednesdays 5:30pm
  • Scout Hardware Meetings: Thursdays 5:30pm

Software Updates

  • Is motors library fixed? Ben
    • Mostly
  • Assigned nodes to people. Due today! Progress?
    • See Meeting Minutes
    • Dont do the part in libscout.cpp or libscout.h
    • Only the <system> package, and lib<system>.(cpp/h)
    • Fit Abe's Standard & Doxygen standard
  • Abe made coding standards. Yay!
    • Find link for doxygen standards and put on coding standards Abe. DONE?

Hardware Updates

  • Handed out driver codes to people
    • Due Thursday
  • Purchased sensors
    • BOM sensors are in.
  • Need to place a new order
    • Waiting for confirmation from Dshope
    • Follow up with Robbie
  • Alex & Dshope did some Cliff Sensor Testing

Mechanical Update

  • Assembled Scout!
    • Interest for assembling more scouts


  • SURG Deadline October 19
    • Written, needs proofreading (Thanks to Alex, Dan, Lambda, Jeff, Prashant, Dshope)
    • SURG URO Acceptance
  • Cookie Schedule
  • Clean Shelf off
    • Assemble Team James, Alex, Jeff, Misty, Lalitha
  • Merge Scout and Colony Mailing lists
  • Calibration Station
    • Finish existing project & update to work for Scout
    • Access to CAD files?