New Members

  • Lab1 Competition Next Week
    • How's it going?
    • Email corrections to intro labs

Intro Labs

  • Functional robots for intro labs Alex M
    • DONE
  • Wednesday at 4:30-8 will have people to help
    • But come at other times to avoid crowds

Scout Meetings

  • Scout Software Meetings: Wednesdays 5:30pm
  • Scout Hardware Meetings: Thursdays 5:30pm

Software Updates

  • Went over Ben's Example code
  • Create GIT Repo Jeff/Ben
  • Fix motors lib Ben
  • Assigned nodes to people. Framework ready by next week!

Hardware Updates

  • Want to assign drivers to people
  • Need to spec out sensors and other hardware
    • Dshope will be in Wednesday to help with this
  • Once the power regulator board is finished, we need to spin that

Mechanical Update

  • Make a list of all Mech E's and send Dshope list
  • Dshope needs to print 3d parts, finish parts, make molds
    • Then ready to cast parts
  • Need more supplies for plastics


  • SURG Deadline October 19
    • Go Over Ideas
    • Hand out poll
  • Calibration Station
    • Finish existing project & update to work for Scout
    • Give John CAD file