New Members

  • Lab0 Competition Today
    • Soon, after the rest of the normal meeting stuff
      • Its turtles the same all the way down

Intro Labs

  • Tweaking Intro Labs Abe, Prashant
    • Seperate appendix page
    • Incorporate line following into second lab
  • Functional robots for intro labs Alex M
  • Wednesday at 4:30-8 will have people to help
    • But come at other times to avoid crowds
  • Lab1: Target Practice begins today
    • Demo 10/10/10

Scout Meetings

  • Scout Software Meetings: Wednesdays 5:30pm
  • Scout Hardware Meetings: Thursdays 5:30pm

Software Updates

  • ROS is now on the gumsticks
    • Need to test/interface with hardware
  • Finalized ROS structure last Wed
    • Should be put on Scout Wiki
    • Ben is implementing the framework
    • Demo code almost done
    • Will publish git repo soon
  • Next Meeting: Figure out functions for ROS Nodes/Services/Topics and assign to groups

Hardware Updates

  • Board Status
    • Ready to respin after power regulator board changes
  • Abe is making changes to board on Eagle
    • Produce new power regulator board to test if it works
      • If it works -- put it on scoutfly
    • Make sure using Git
  • Next Meeting: Spec out sensors, figure out driver functions for sensors and assign to groups

Mechanical Update

  • Make a list of all Mech E's and send Dshope list
  • Dshope needs to print 3d parts, finish parts, make molds
    • Then ready to cast parts
  • Need more supplies for plastics


  • SURG Deadline October 19 -- Start thinking of ideas.
    • Create Google Docs to post ideas. Decide next week.
  • Calibration Station
    • Finish existing project & update to work for Scout

Lab0 Demo

*Lets get to it!