Attempted last-minute demo

  • Didn't make it, but good job anyway!

List of current tasks

Behaviors for Traffic Navigation
  • Mapping
    • Dev, Prashant, Priya, James
      • Prashant and Dev, work this Saturday
  • Not crashing at intersections
    • Alex L fixed this, but needs demo
  • Barcodes: Automate the entire process
    • Alex Z, Grant, Dan
Graph Display
  • 1. Send all data as a union of structs
  • 2. Transmit data and convert to graphable format
    • Where does this conversion happen?
  • 3. Process graph data and display
Calibration Station Demo
  • Transferring data to online interface?
    • Three things to work on:
      • Demo
      • Poster
      • Reimbursement
    • (all this weekend)
Physical Map
  • Alex M, Priya
  • I want little houses and trees! =)
  • Making them, in particular.
    • Good job so far to Priya/Matt - thanks!
    • Calibration Platform poster needs to be made today/tomorrow
      • Need to make edits, take out text
  • We should just buy a few cheap batteries for the next week if we need them.
URO Money
  • Remember to steal use it
  • Reimburse John Howland and Asia once we're back in the club
  • Everyone should drop by
  • Meet George after, make decisions for next year
  • Evan - graphing package